Monday, October 24, 2011

Snowmen in the tropics!

I hope you don't get bored with yet another post from me today?!
I took photos of some finishes earlier today and even if I can't show them all - some of them are secret Christmas gifts! - I have a few that are not gifts! :)
If you read this post, you know I pulled out some cute snowmen fabric and was in the progress of making table runners. I got totally obsessed by it and decided to make whatever possible of the leftover fabric (from a wall quilt).
Here's one table runner...

Close-up of the star...

...the darling snowmen...

Another table runner... Snowmen on a red background...

Close-up of the snowmen...

I have not counted how many projects I got out of the leftover fabrics (from a wall quilt), but there should be 12-13 altogether; table toppers, table runners, place mats, card holder, mug rug... I think that's all!
I have ran out of quilting thread, fabric for the binding as well as batting for the rest of the projects. Thread and fabric are on its way from the US and batting I buy here. I'm using a very thin polyester batting for table runners, table toppers etc.

A wintry mug rug...

I still have some leftovers and I have yet to decide whether they go into the scraps or I make something out of it....
I cross my fingers and hope the parcels from the US are not delayed so that I can finish those projects this month itself!

NNC Mug Rug Swap 2011

There are never a boring month at NNC
Do you know why? Because there are always some swaps (exchanges) going on! :)
Earlier this year I signed up for the secret mug rug swap.

I had no idea who was my secret swap partner, I couldn't even guess! 
I've signed up for the 'block swap' too (that will be another post soon) and when Janet in Malaysia informed me the blocks were sent, I didn't dream of that included in the parcel was the mug rug too! :)
Here's the mug rug from Janet! As you can see, it is 'written' CAFE in the middle - very cute, Janet! 

Together with the mug rug and as the requirement (coffee or tea bags), there are two bags of white coffee from IPOH in Malaysia! Ever since I became a member of NNC, I've been dying to taste the white coffee - coffee lover as I am - but I have been too shy asking somebody to send me a sample! Now I've got it! But I still haven't tasted it - LOL! :) I couldn't help it but take photos of the coffee bags, because I love the way the they look! 

Janet, be sure I'll find the right day and right moment to enjoy the cuppa!
Thank you so very much!

My secret swap partner was Paul in Malaysia, and here's the mug rug I made for him. I tried to make it a bit 'manly', hope I succeeded! :)  

I decided to make a matching tea tote for the tea bags...

... and I included two small pieces of fabric in the colors I know Paul loves! :)

Read about the mug rug swap on Paul's blog here.

And not to forget; a huge thank you to 'headmistress' MW for hosting the swap!
Thank you MW! Lots of fun!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'll have to stop!!!

Last week I was supposed to add the binding to the Polar Bear quilt, but instead this is what I ended up doing;  I pulled out all my Christmas fabrics from the cabinet! Well, this is not ALL, 1/4 is still left in the cabinet. I wonder how many projects I can make out of all those fabrics?! :))

I had in mind to make a table runner and had already decided on a couple of blocks. When I pulled out the bag with leftovers from the ' Snow Wonderland' by 'Whimsicals' - I knew I had to make something out of it and forgotten was the other project! Here's one of the projects I'm working on; a place mat. 
Aren't those snowmen just too cute?!

Here's another project; table runner... going to be...

...and another table runner to be...

Per today I have five table runners and two place mats to finish - hence the heading of this post! I'll have to stop, because my sewing table is covered in projects waiting to be finished! I bought those fabrics for a specific project back in April 2008! I made this wall quilt. To make it a bit more 'special' to me, I've added beads around each star so that it sparkles in the light and I've added snowmen buttons in the middle of each snowball block. I made this quilt before I started blogging, so there's no photo of it on my blog, (except under 'a few of my works' slide show at the left sidebar).  I think I'll pull it out and take some photos later on, when these projects are done....

You can see more from Whimsicals (click) here.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bloggers BOM

I'm not really into BOM's, but I couldn't resist this one!
I got inspired by this blog, this blog and of course this blog! There are many others out there who participate in this BOM, but those blogs I've linked to were the first ones where I saw the first block and learnt about the BOM.
Jackie over at Canton Village Quilt Works is hosting a free BOM and you can read about it here.  The first block is already available - click here for instructions.
Cille over at this blog has a point; the blocks are only 8 inch square, so she has decided to make two for a bigger quilt or perhaps another quilt... I think that is a good idea, so I decided to make two too.

My blocks are going to be scrappy. It was easy choosing these fabrics; they are - except from the background fabric - leftover from a Christmas gift I'm currently working on... The background fabric I have saved and saved - for what ? - you may ask?! Perhaps it has waited for this BOM?! :) I got it from my friend Ragna (no blog) in Norway, at least 4-5 years ago - so I guess it is time to use it!

Jackie, thank you so very much for hosting this BOM! I can't wait for the next block!