Sunday, June 28, 2015

Recycling and Upcycling / Dog Beds

When I started quilting, I threw away tiny bits of fabric scraps. You know, these pieces

I kept bigger pieces without re-cutting them. We all know what that means; an overflowing basket with scraps. I had to attack it and started cutting into squares the size from 2 up to 5 inches as well as 1.5 inch strips, which has resulted in boxes with squares! 
This is just about half of the  squares I have cut, except one box that contains patterns (I most probably never will use!). 

By not throwing away anything from quilting, I have collected 4 (#5 is filling up) big plastic bags with tiny scraps

'Old', but still usable bed sheets, pillow cases and curtains

I made an inner pillow from old pillow cases and filled it with 5 kilos / 11 pounds (!) of scraps! 

Fill it up as much as you want and close it. I machine stitched it. Make the outer pillow the same size and close it the same way. 

One dog bed done! 

Approved! :) 
I wonder who likes it the most though?! :) It looks like I have to make one for the cat too! 
I have made two dog beds, but haven't given it to them yet. Both dogs need a shower, but I want to wait for a sunny day. It's 'winter' here now and meteo has predicted showers and wind today, so I'll have to wait for better weather. 

Have you ever realized how much fabric (scraps) we throw away? I haven't put all these plastic bags on the scale, but I used two of the bags and they were 10 kilos (22 pounds) together - I have used 5 kilos (11 pounds) in each dog bed. If you know the weight of 1 yard fabric........... Well, I think you can easily do the math! :) 

Friday, June 12, 2015

More UFO finishes and new mug rugs

At the end of December last year I set a goal to finish all my big UFO's. You can see them all here
I'm happy to say I have reached my goal and they are all finished! 
Actually these two last ones were finished some weeks ago, but it took some time to take the photos. 

The 'Country Chic' quilt. It's made of 2 layer cakes + yardage for the border.
It measures 79 x 96 inches / 200 x 243 cm.

... and finally! The Blogger's BOM quilt!
I finished the top in December 2012, here. Don't ask me why it took more than 2 years to quilt and finish it!!! :) 
If you read the link to the post; yes, I did turn the blue-ish block in the center - as you can see. 

I think I'm addicted to mug rugs! 
I do love making them and it's a great way using up scraps. 

I have a custom order of 6 nurse mug rugs, so I'd better get going with them today. 
They will be personalized, so I really look forward to make them. 

'Of course', I have several WIP's waiting for fabric to finish them. I hope to get the fabric by next week, but shipping from the US is so unpredictable; it takes everything from 8 days to 6 weeks. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Vote for Quiltsy Team Kaleidoscope Challenge - My UFO finishes for May #part 2

WELCOME JUNE - my birthday month! 

Again I should not ask 'where did May go' , because that seems to happen every time I do a new blog post. Even if the intention is there to blog more often, I get busy with other things and it fails every month.

Being an Etsy seller, a lot of time goes into making new items for my shop, different team activities and promoting. 
Recently, the Quiltsy Team on Etsy, decided to have a Kaleidoscope Challenge.  9 talented members participated and now it's time to vote. 
Go to the Quiltsy Team Blog and vote for your favorite. 


I have been busy sewing and most important is I have finished all my UFO's for the 
Quilts Quilts Quilts Team Challenge!  Here are the UFO's I entered for the challenge. 

I have made PSQ's earlier, but this is the very first one where I have used charms from different swaps, hosted by Mary over at The Curious Quilter. If you want to participate, there will be a another swap in September.  

I'm pleased with how it turned out and especially I love the border. I also love the crinkled look after washing. 

Another big UFO I have finished, is my scrappy green log cabin quilt.
It was put on hold because I couldn't decide on how to quilt it. It ended up meandering.

I love log cabin quilts and I'm very pleased with this one. 
I had a lot of green 'old' fabrics in my stash and this is a great way to get use of it. 

Here's my other log cabin UFO! Haven't touched it this year. I think I should give it a go while the fabrics are still available, not sure I have enough. 

OPAM finishes for May 2015 - Part #1

Enjoying cuppa #2 while doing this blog post showing off my May finishes. 
Most of them have been laying around waiting for fabrics to finish them. 

I'll start with some table runners & toppers

I've had these Faye Burgos pansies fabric forever and didn't know what to do with them, until I decided on a table runner. 

Using up bits and pieces; the starting point was the pink/green floral stripe (leftover from other projects) and pink fabric. Added green and yellow to pick up the colors in the stripe, another table runner was born.

The last of the Faye Burgos fabrics; a table topper. 

These squares were leftover from another UFO I've finished (no photos yet), added a border and voila; a table topper. 


Set of 2 placemats where I have used fabrics from the 'Summer Breeze' collection. 
Love the combination of blue and yellow. 

A set of 2 placemats with matching double napkins in pink and grey. 

Looks like I'm heavy into pansies these days! Love them though! 
Set of 2 country inspired placemats in rust and country blue.

 Set of 4 placemats (Faye Burgos) in dusty sage green and lavender.

Set of 2 placemats in blue and yellow from the 'Summer Breeze' collection.
These are sold and off the the US. 

Mug Rugs

I had bit and pieces of some gorgeous sweet pea fabrics.
The pieces were not big enough for anything but mug rugs. 

Sold and off to the US. 

I've always loved sweet peas and its flowers. Beautiful fabrics these are. 

These are my OPAM finishes for May and most of them are available for sale in my Etsy Shop.