Monday, June 1, 2015

OPAM finishes for May 2015 - Part #1

Enjoying cuppa #2 while doing this blog post showing off my May finishes. 
Most of them have been laying around waiting for fabrics to finish them. 

I'll start with some table runners & toppers

I've had these Faye Burgos pansies fabric forever and didn't know what to do with them, until I decided on a table runner. 

Using up bits and pieces; the starting point was the pink/green floral stripe (leftover from other projects) and pink fabric. Added green and yellow to pick up the colors in the stripe, another table runner was born.

The last of the Faye Burgos fabrics; a table topper. 

These squares were leftover from another UFO I've finished (no photos yet), added a border and voila; a table topper. 


Set of 2 placemats where I have used fabrics from the 'Summer Breeze' collection. 
Love the combination of blue and yellow. 

A set of 2 placemats with matching double napkins in pink and grey. 

Looks like I'm heavy into pansies these days! Love them though! 
Set of 2 country inspired placemats in rust and country blue.

 Set of 4 placemats (Faye Burgos) in dusty sage green and lavender.

Set of 2 placemats in blue and yellow from the 'Summer Breeze' collection.
These are sold and off the the US. 

Mug Rugs

I had bit and pieces of some gorgeous sweet pea fabrics.
The pieces were not big enough for anything but mug rugs. 

Sold and off to the US. 

I've always loved sweet peas and its flowers. Beautiful fabrics these are. 

These are my OPAM finishes for May and most of them are available for sale in my Etsy Shop. 

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Karen S said...

I am stunned at how many finishes you have had. You definitely deserve a second cuppa.