Saturday, December 31, 2011

WIP's and UFO's per Dec 31, 2011


December 31, 2011
... only a few hours to go this year. New Year's Eve is usually a quiet Eve for us and it won't be any exception this year. With two dogs and a cat that are petrified firecrackers, we prefer staying with them.

I've had a little 'stocktaking' over WIP's and UFO's today! 
Only a few weeks ago I was happy, because I didn't have too many UFO's or WIP's - I thought! My intention was to finish some of the projects during the Christmas days and definitely don't go crazy over some Debbie Mumm fabrics I pulled out from the cabinet! Actually I did (see my previous post), but I didn't manage the Polar Bear quilt - the binding. The binding is done, only left to hand stitch it to the back.

Earlier this year I started working on a stitchery quilt. It has 12 sweet friendship stitcheries. I did a mistake on the first stitchery block... got bored with it and stored it away! I hope for a better start for this one in 2012! :) I have collected different rose fabrics to go with it.
This square is not finished, as you can see. I'm also using scraps (floss) for the stitchery.  

I think it was at the end of 2009 I did this stitchery. It was supposed to be a bag to a girl, but I decided against it, because I thought it became too childish for a teenage girl. Looking at it now... perhaps I'll make a tote bag... I can't even remember how the original bag pattern looked like! Eh... I should have ironed those projects!

I can't remember when I started working on the 'Colorado Star' quilt; it must be at least 3-4 years ago... I'm going to make quilts for our two sofas in the living room... So far I have 18 blocks. I don't know how many I actually need for one quilt, but not that many left to do - I guess - I haven't measured! :) The blocks measure 18 inches square so I don't think I that many left to make for one quilt.

My New York Beauty blocks!
Yes, there are still only four of them! There are three alike and then the poor outsider, where I have used the same fabrics alternated. The blocks are a bit wonky, but they are also the first ever NYB blocks I have made! :) I'm using batiks for the entire quilt.  I have yet to decide on how to proceed..., but I'm quite sure it will end up a big quilt....

The NNC block swap 2010/2011.
I have 22 blocks, 12 inches square. I'm going to applique Sunbonnet Sue blocks to add to it so that it becomes a good size quilt. Here are blocks from Janet and Nik. I think I'll do another blog post showing all the blocks, yet to do that... but then I'll have to iron them first! :))

Earlier in December I went crazy over some Debbie Mumm fabrics I have... It turned out to be 6 place mats, 4 tablecloths and 3 table mats! Speak about craze! lol I just love it when I can use from my stash, but for those projects I have to purchase backing from the US. I have a lot of fabrics, but most of it are 1/2's and 1 yard.
Here's one of the table runners - going to be... I LOOOVE stripes and here I have used one too. I already had some polar bear blocks from a winter quilt.. Here I have just added one snowball block in the middle and stripes - easy-peasy! :)   

A table topper I have decided to hand quilt! Yes, hand quilt, which is something I have yet to try! I just have to start somewhere and since this isn't a big project, I'll give it a try...  

I have shown you some of my WIP's and UFO's, but there are still some I didn't take a pic;
- the Polar Bear quilt
- the 50th birthday gift (quilt) to my dear friend Johnny
- the Postage Stamp quilt
- 12 other Christmas/winter (Debbie Mumm) projects

The aim is not to finish all the WIP's and UFO's in 2012, but if I can finish a few I will definitely be happy! :)
What about you? Done any 'stocktaking' of WIP's and UFO's or any resolutions for the new year?  


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The last finishes for 2011

Only a few days left of 2011 - where did the days, weeks and months go?!
Before Christmas I had a look into my latest finished projects and hidden under everything else, I re-discovered this quilt! I finished it 2-3 months ago, washed and air dried it, was going to take photos.... and... totally forgotten about it!

My 'Sun and Earth' quilt! :)  

It measures 64 x 87 inches / 162 x 220 cm, which if not mistaken is a twin size quilt?
I have used scraps from white/cream, yellow, green and brown.

I had enough scraps for the backing too; green, brown and yellow.

As I promised in my previous post, here are some more finishes and those will be the last finishes this year. I still have to hand stitch the binding on the Polar Bear quilt, but.... not very tempting in the heat... I shall see, perhaps a little bit can be done early mornings...
Anyway... I promised you no more snowmen, but I didn't promise you no more gingerbread people - did I?! :)
Here I've used Diane Knott's for Clothworks 'Peppermint Cottage' fabric line. Click here to see Diane Knott's website.
Click here to see other projects I made using the same fabrics.  
The table runner was done awhile ago, but had to wait for quilting thread.

...and this is what I got out of the leftovers...
a square table topper, where I have pieced together 3 inch squares.

Before Christmas I pulled out some Debbie Mumm fabrics from the cabinet and here's a small table runner I made for a book shelf.
EEK! I didn't remember there are snowmen on those fabrics too! :)

Speaking of Debbie Mumm fabrics....
As usual when I love the fabrics, I often get carried away and into a craze! Yes, I got the Debbie Mumm craze, which ended with 13 (!!!) UFO's! No, I won't call them UFO's - they are too new for that. I've put them away until I get the backing fabrics from the US. I have a lot of stash, but never, never, never enough for backing! SIGH! :)

Two candle mats, table mats, or an over sized mug rug...

... I finished before Christmas.
The fabrics are from 'Santa Goes to North Pole' by Debbie Mumm.

Saturday, December 24, 2011


... to my dear friends, followers and readers!
May you all have a wonderful, fun & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Santa's I knitted some years ago.

I did a blog post (Christmas 2009) about my Christmas in Norway.
If interested, you can read about it here.

The last snowmen...

Christmas is knocking on my door!
I'm almost done with the preparations and decorations and even managed to squeeze in some time to finish a few projects over the last week.
I bet you are tired of all those snowmen projects you have seen in my previous posts and ask yourself; isn't she going to make something else?!? Yes - No?! :)
Remember too that I had to purchase quilting thread as well as fabrics for binding from the US, which took much longer time than usual; one parcel took 3 weeks from the custom in Port Louis to reach our local post office!!!! I'm far from happy it took that long, but of course I'm happy the parcel finally arrived safely!
I want to show you a few more projects I got out of those snowmen fabrics, but first here's the wall quilt I made of those fabrics back in 2008.
The fabrics are 'Snow Wonderland' by Whimsicals - Red Rooster Fabrics.
You can read more about Whimsicals here.

I have added beads to the star blocks to make it sparkle in the light...

...and cute snowman buttons to the center of the snowball blocks.

When I purchased the fabrics for the wall quilt from a web shop in the US, I couldn't buy less than 1/2 yards. Even if I rounded up to nearest 1/2 or full yard, I must have bought much more than needed. I know I bought more snowmen stripes than needed, because I found them too cute! :) I'm not sure how many projects I got out of the leftover fabrics, but what I'm going to show you now, are the last ones! I promise; no more snowmen projects from this fabric line! :)

How do you take a photo of a too long table runner?! :) I tried lots of solutions (must have been entertainment for the neighbor!), but thought the best was to pull it over the ladder. Not easy to get a good photo, but you get an idea how it turned out. I made it for the buffet in our sitting-room. It is a bit over sized (long) for the buffet, but I like it as it is. Here I have used the leftovers that could be used and all the leftover of the snowmen stripes went into this one. 

A better view of the center...

For the quilting I have used quilting thread from WeeksDyeWorks. I've known the company for their beautiful embroidery floss, but this is the first time I've tried their quilting thread.
Their quilting thread doesn't have the shiny finish as Superior Threads King Tut. I love how the WDW quilting thread - cocoa -  turned out on those prim fabrics I have used. I discovered their quilting thread when I had only this table runner left to quilt... If I had known earlier, I think I had used it on all those projects - it suits perfectly - and I think it turned out beautifully.


A table topper to match the wall quilt.

...and another table topper - almost the same as the one above, corners are different.
This is the last one! No more snowmen from this fabric line! :))

I have a few more finished projects to show, but that will be another post - soon.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blogger's BOM #2 & #3 / Hand stitching

Today I'm ready to tidy up and put away my sewing equipment - for a few weeks! The sewing machine is cleaned and oiled and all the other stuff ready to be put away... somewhere.... Yes, I say 'somewhere', because I don't really have enough space for much more now! :))

This morning I did the final hand stitching (binding) on a Christmas gift (can't show it now, because the recipients have yet to receive it) and I did 'Blogger's BOM' block #3 too. I made block #2 long time ago, but never got around blogging it.
Since the quilt will be rather small if making one block only, I decided to make two each month.
Well, here it is, block #2 - hosted by Vicki Welsh - Field Trips in Fibers

For these two blocks I have used fabrics (except the background fabric) from 'Love is' by Nancy Halvorsen.

I don't know what fabric line this is... What I know is; it's beautiful! :)

Even if I tidy up & put away my sewing equipment for Christmas, I won't be out of work!
I finally received the fabric and quilting thread to finish up four table toppers. Now the quilting is done - binding is on - and the binding is ready to be hand stitched to the back on all four table toppers, plus the huge Polar Bear quilt! I don't know if I'll do them all... it depends on the weather.... Yes, the weather!!! We are into summer now and if it hits the +30C's, it will be too hot 'wearing' the huge Polar Bear quilt on my lap hand stitching the binding! :)

Wonderful last week before Christmas to you all!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas wall quilts, binding and gifts from Santa

It has been too long, but here I am again! I have been extremely busy over the last weeks and by being busy I have a few finished items to show.
I have always wanted to make a Christmas card holder, and here is the result. I'm not sure when 'I believe' (panel and fabrics) by Nancy Halvorsen went for sale in the (web) shops, but I have 'saved it' (for what?) ever since then! :)
I used one of the prints from the panel to make this Christmas card holder. It has two pockets; one for small and one for bigger Christmas cards. 
I don't have a proper hanger for it, but is now using a piece of bamboo, 'stolen' from the roadside on the way to the center of town - lol! :)    

It looks like I have been in the 'Nancy Halvorsen-fabric-mood', doesn't it?!
Here's a wall quilt, where I have used two other prints from the same panel;
'I believe in HUGS' and 'I believe in LAUGHTER'.

On this one I have used 'I believe in GIVING'...

...and finally... a mini wall quilt; 'I believe in PEACE'.
I think this one is rather cute; a cat sleeping on the back of the dog and that darling mouse on the cat's leg! :)

For those of you who follow my blog, know that I have been working on the Polar Bear quilt for quite some time... but now I see light in the tunnel! :)
The binding is thread basted and ready to be hand stitched to the back! :) I don't know whether I can do it this year.... Christmas is approaching and I have some preparations to do... Another issue is the heat.... Yes, we are into summer now, and yesterday the first cyclone of the season was named; 'Alenga'. Well, I think it will be too hot having a huge quilt on my lap these days doing the binding...

Another binding I'll have to do before Christmas, is this long, table runner.

I'm still waiting for fabrics and thread sent from the US! Most likely the Christmas mail rush has started and parcels/letters are delayed! :(

I have a secret Santa in Norway! :) Who brought me gifts today!
Nidar marzipan, red whortleberry jam (for the Christmas dinner), 'kvikk lunsj' chocolate, Friele coffee - and purple candles for Advent! The latter is a little bit late though - :) - but I'm going to put up the Advent candlelight holder tonight! :)

As if that was not enough; FABRICS!!!
If you remember the stash I got here - this is the rest of it! :)

...and finally.... a book I ordered from one of the shops connected to Amazon US.
That bookshop does not ship to any African countries, so I had to get it shipped to Norway! It's a secondhand book and I didn't pay more than US$ 5.50 - but don't ask me about the shipping! :(  :))
Any of you who has this book and can tell me something about it? I got it this morning, so I haven't had time for a proper read.

Christmas is approaching - are you all 'on time' for the festive season?

I took my camera to the garden this morning... if you want to have a look, click here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Peppermint Cottage Table Toppers

I've been busy sewing over the last weeks. These days I'm into table toppers, table mats and table runners. After making big quilts over the past few years, it feels wonderful making smaller items.
I love Christmas fabrics, especially panels and stripes. I bought these 'Peppermint Cottage' by Diane Knott for Clothworks a couple of years ago - if not mistaken. Isn't it odd; we buy beautiful fabrics, intend to make something out of them, but find them too beautiful to cut or we don't know what to make... Does it sound familiar to you?! :) Well, in my case; I couldn't decide what to make! Honest! :)
I'm happy to say I have (finally) made some table toppers and table runners out of these fabrics and I think they turned out quite cute.

A small table mat - measuring 14 3/4 square. 

Table topper...

Another table topper...

Love the cute house border

Perhaps a bit nontraditional Christmas colors, but why not?! :)
Table runner in navy blue, yellow and green.

Again I've ran out of quilting thread! More is on its way and I hope to finish another two table toppers in a two weeks time.
I'm happy to say I've used fabrics from my stash! All in all I think I've reduced my stash with approx 8 yards! Isn't that great?! :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Even more snowmen

It has been a struggle to upload photos to this post for the last 2-3 days, but fortunate now it looks like it works... I hope the connection 'behaves' until the post is done!!! Fingers crossed!!!
I have had so much fun creating these projects - love the whimsical snowmen!
I've been playing with the fabrics to create these blocks - lots of fun! :)
Yet another table runner! :)

Close-up of the block.

For the backing I have used some of the fabrics that I didn't find very interesting for the tops.

A pair of placemats...

Another pair, here the snowmen are on dark red (currant) background...

What's the life without mug rugs?! :))

Christmas card holder

He's too cute, isn't he?! So darling! :)
I have used Superior's King Tut cotton thread - brown variegated - for the quilting. I've tried not to quilt over the snowmen, I think they look much better without being 'tangled' in quilting thread - lol!

I added decorative snowman button on each side to hold the hanging loop (??) better... Don't know if this solution is the best one, but... I wanted to use buttons, and those are the only ones I had that is suitable... I used the same buttons to decorate the wall quilt I made using the same fabrics.

This is all for now... Believe it or not; I still have one table runner and two table toppers to finish. When I purchased the Moda Marbles for the binding, the web shop was sold out for one of the fabrics and is expected to the shop at the end of the month.
While making these projects, I tried to focus on the snowmen stripes. I did well; there's not one single snowman left! :) What was left of the fabrics, I have cut into 2.5 inch squares and strips. Not bad - huh?! :)

It's 7 o'clock evening here; I'm off to work on a new project! :)