Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas wall quilts, binding and gifts from Santa

It has been too long, but here I am again! I have been extremely busy over the last weeks and by being busy I have a few finished items to show.
I have always wanted to make a Christmas card holder, and here is the result. I'm not sure when 'I believe' (panel and fabrics) by Nancy Halvorsen went for sale in the (web) shops, but I have 'saved it' (for what?) ever since then! :)
I used one of the prints from the panel to make this Christmas card holder. It has two pockets; one for small and one for bigger Christmas cards. 
I don't have a proper hanger for it, but is now using a piece of bamboo, 'stolen' from the roadside on the way to the center of town - lol! :)    

It looks like I have been in the 'Nancy Halvorsen-fabric-mood', doesn't it?!
Here's a wall quilt, where I have used two other prints from the same panel;
'I believe in HUGS' and 'I believe in LAUGHTER'.

On this one I have used 'I believe in GIVING'...

...and finally... a mini wall quilt; 'I believe in PEACE'.
I think this one is rather cute; a cat sleeping on the back of the dog and that darling mouse on the cat's leg! :)

For those of you who follow my blog, know that I have been working on the Polar Bear quilt for quite some time... but now I see light in the tunnel! :)
The binding is thread basted and ready to be hand stitched to the back! :) I don't know whether I can do it this year.... Christmas is approaching and I have some preparations to do... Another issue is the heat.... Yes, we are into summer now, and yesterday the first cyclone of the season was named; 'Alenga'. Well, I think it will be too hot having a huge quilt on my lap these days doing the binding...

Another binding I'll have to do before Christmas, is this long, table runner.

I'm still waiting for fabrics and thread sent from the US! Most likely the Christmas mail rush has started and parcels/letters are delayed! :(

I have a secret Santa in Norway! :) Who brought me gifts today!
Nidar marzipan, red whortleberry jam (for the Christmas dinner), 'kvikk lunsj' chocolate, Friele coffee - and purple candles for Advent! The latter is a little bit late though - :) - but I'm going to put up the Advent candlelight holder tonight! :)

As if that was not enough; FABRICS!!!
If you remember the stash I got here - this is the rest of it! :)

...and finally.... a book I ordered from one of the shops connected to Amazon US.
That bookshop does not ship to any African countries, so I had to get it shipped to Norway! It's a secondhand book and I didn't pay more than US$ 5.50 - but don't ask me about the shipping! :(  :))
Any of you who has this book and can tell me something about it? I got it this morning, so I haven't had time for a proper read.

Christmas is approaching - are you all 'on time' for the festive season?

I took my camera to the garden this morning... if you want to have a look, click here.


karenfae said...

it has been awhile since you posted, it looks like you have some good things that you had arrived in your mail. I haven't seen the book.

zarina said...

Not just here but over at the NNC board. We miss you Astrid.

Gudveig HN said...

Så mye fint du har sydd til jul!
Gaven så jo riktig deilig ut, både den spiselige og resten ;-)
God jul!

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pegsplace said...

As always you are producing! Love the Nancy Halvorson(sp) series! I have some small pieces of this material. Love the garden pics! So beautiful on your side of the world! Winter is here for another 5 months...just starting, so lots of time for me to have a quilt on my lap!