Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lack of motivation ends up in.....

.... attacking two shoe boxes containing 1.5 inch wide strips in various lengths. 

I hate this time of the year in sub tropical Mauritius!
It's hot! It's humid! It's sticky! It's icky! We don't have extreme heat; we are halfway on the plateau and temps are about  +30C / 86F. Not that hot. It's the high humidity, it's rare it goes below 70% during the rainy- and cyclone season. Yesterday afternoon we had rain, wonderful rain! I love it! It cools it down a bit, for so to heat up again when the sun shines. 

So, not feeling motivated to sew, I have been sewing. HA! Yes, I have been playing with 1.5 inch wide strips and squares

Two shoe boxes - on small and one big - 1.5 inch strips in various lengths. The idea when I cut them was a strip quilt, but now I'm not sure what will be left if I continue to cut the strips into 1.5 inch squares. 

Not motivated to work on other projects, I loved playing with these small 1.5 inch squares. 
Each block measures 6-1/2 inch square before sewn into quilt.

I made quite some progress and have 13 blocks. 
I have yet to decide on how I want it; plain PSQ (with duplicates) or an on point quilt. For now I will continue to make the blocks. OOOOOH! I love them! :) 

I went totally crazy when I saw 'Rural Jardin' by French General / Moda some years ago!
I bought the fabrics just because of the beauty and had no projects in mind. I have pulled out the fabrics again, washed them and here they are; 26-1/2 yards + one charm pack! What do I make out of all these fabrics? Any suggestions? I have decided to make some table runners, but I can't make TR's out of all those yards! lol


Margaret wong said...

Oh my! I love the mini blocks,so colourful and cheerful! Looking forward to seeing the final result. And those 26 1/2 yds of RJ, FG. LOVE!!! Those were before I started collecting FG fabrics. If you are going to cut and sell pre-cuts, please let me be the first to know!!!!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is a lot of yards of fabric to play with!! no idea what to make though. Love your little squares of course as I so loved playing with mine. I hate high humidity which is why towards the end of summer I hate it here too - I don't mind the rest of the year usually but the high humidity of summer makes me seek out the air conditioning.

Karen S said...

Your weather really does make it difficult to do most things. Good to see you playing with the fabric strips.
Good luck deciding on projects for your lovely fabric, too.

Janie Bettis said...

Love your little squares! I admire you for turning those itty bitties into beauty! Lovely yardage; looking forward to what you make!

Elzaan said...

You and your PS-quilts!LOL How about on point with plain embroidered blocks in-between?
What to do with those beautiful fabrics...I thought a lovely "friendship" quilt like the one you made for your friend in Norway.

moosecarol said...

Teeny squares--love it!

Soma @ said...

After getting used to low humidity in California, I don't care of humidity anymore. I am glad you got some rain to cool it down a bit. Your blocks are so pretty and colourful. They will make a very happy quilt!