Monday, February 19, 2018

It's Sunday....

... and time for a new blog post! 

What have you been up to this week? Have you finished any items or perhaps some UFO's? 
I've been working on several items and actually have a few finishes. 

Did you know 'Pantone Color of the Year 2018' is Ultra Violet?
Before I started quilting, there were colors I didn't like at all and one of them were purple in all shades from light to dark. Gradually I began to like purple and I have made a few items in different shades of purple.
I had a beautiful fabric depicting purple (violet) and aqua pansies on a very light purple background. When I love a fabric, I want to make as many items as possible. From the pansy fabric that was left, I made a table runner in ultra violet and shamrock green

.... and a small table topper or candle mat

Available in my Etsy Shop

Progress on the custom order

Since my previous post, I've thread basted and quilted the custom order quilt. The quilting is done in diagonal straight seams (crosshatch pattern). 3 mug rugs, all different, are included in the order too and I finished them yesterday. I think they look great, all being different and each with a different backing. 

I've been working on bindings this week and when I counted them all; 17 items I have to hand sew the binding! How did that happen?!?! I've done a few already, only 12 left! :) 

2 table toppers and 1 table runner that need some hand sewing

This gives:

- 3 mug rugs - DONE! 
- 1 purple candle mat / table topper - DONE! 
- 4 Christmas place mats (UFO)
- 2 Valentine's Day place mats
- 1 table topper (poppies)
- 1 log cabin table topper (UFO)
- 1 blue/yellow table topper
- 1 blue / yellow table runner
- 1 table runner (poppies) 
- 1 table runner (pansies) - DONE!  
1 wall hanging (UFO) 

I don't have any finished UFO's this week, except added binding to the log cabin table topper and working on the custom order. 

It's not been raining here for the last 24 hours! What's wrong with the weather God?! lol That means some long overdue yard work this a.m. (Already Monday!)



Elzaan said...

Haha! Nothing wrong with the weather - I think all this rain is awesome.
Great progress and that purple is beautiful. I can see it in contrast with some green or orange...
What did I do...completed one more activity in the quiet nothing special to talk about.

Holly said...

I love your purple pieces. You have a great eye for color and all of your projects are nice. My least favorite color pre-quilting was orange. Now I really like it, but mainly in pumpkin shades in fall quilts.

Astrid said...

Holly, can't reply to your email as you are set to 'nocommentreply'.
thanks for your lovely comment and compliment!
Orange is also a color I disliked, especially after having an orange fridge in the 1980's, when everything had to be orange and brown, lol I agree, beautiful in fall quilts.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

nice to see you back to blogging Astrid you certainly are keeping busy. We are getting too much rain here right now as well - hope it ends but looks like we are in for rain off and on for the next 10 days.

Karen S said...

It is odd the way our tastes change in so many things as we grow. And colour is definitely one of them. I must agree that purple was not a favourite when I was young, but now there so many lovely shades it is hard to ignore it.
Lovely projects.