Sunday, July 11, 2021

Christmas Flimsy, Preparing Backing and New Projects

 Hello everyone! 
I hope you've had a good week. To those of you in the US and Canada; stay inside, stay cool. Can't imagine the heat some of you're dealing with.  As you know; it's 'winter' in the tropics and to keep my fingers warm, I've been busy sewing! 

If you read my previous post, you know I was sorting 2.5' Christmas Fabric Squares (already cut) on colors. Rather boring, to tell the truth! Good thing there weren't that many!

After the sorting was done, I started sewing, and sewing... and sewing!!! Couldn't stop until I had a flimsy; 20 blocks! Here's a sneak-peek. I had sew much fun piecing these squares together and rediscover fabric I can't even remember what were used for. Sew fun! I'm thinking flannel as backing on this one (which I don't have). 'Of course' I don't have enough batting either! More added to the online shopping list; flannel and batting! 

The 'plan' for today... well, I don't really make plans, because they always fail! Better say; what I had in mind for today... that sounds better... was to continue on a couple of fall WIPs. That didn't happen! Instead I pieced the backing for the Pineapple Quilt (UFO). 

I've had this floral fabric for 'I don't know how long'. Not enough, as you can see, but after I took the photo, I added a beautiful brown to each side, top and bottom. Not the perfect backing for the quilt, but my aim is to use from my stash whenever I can. 

Don't you get fed up on UFO's sometimes, and want to make something new? I do! 

I pulled out some fall fabric and here's the beginning for an applique wall hanging. This is the second attempt...'s the first attempt..

I'm sure my brain had a short-circuit, because almost everything went wrong on this one; the three pieces for the fence are too wide and I managed to cut the background fabric 1/4' too short! UGH!!! I could have adjusted that with the black narrow border, but I got so ****** that I started all over! The error-piece won't go in the bin, I have an idea how to 'rescue' it. 

The beginning of a fall lap quilt

HA! Now I see the two small blocks have the same green center! I think I'll swap the red block with another one. I shall see.......

Amazing what pops up when it has been long forgotten, isn't it? 

Last year, or was it the year before?, I cut fabric, batting and insul bright for an oven mitt, mostly because I wanted to use up the piece of corn fabric. I don't even like corn, but the fabric is quite fun! I like how it turned out, except the thumb could have been longer; blame the pattern! Oh well, my very first handmade oven mitt! 



Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

You have been very busy. I just love seeing all of those sweet 2.5" blocks.And I look forward to seeing your progress on the applique piece. I have always wanted to make an oven mitt but haven't yet. I agree the corn fabric is super cute. Happy quilting.

Julierose said...

I agree--I always would rather be starting something new instead of finishing up UFO's. Even that name makes me want to do something--anything--else!!;000 Like there are aliens hanging in my closet!!

But, I have donated a lot of blocks and tops that have been hanging around here waiting to be finished...that makes me feel a lot better knowing someone will be finishing them (not me!!haha) and then using them, too. I really like your pineapple blocks--so pretty nice work hugs, Julierose

Michele McLaughlin said...

Great projects! I'm very fond of your Christmas flimsy! I love what you said about not making plans--I concur! Have a great day!

Cathy said...

I need to follow your lead and cut my remaining Christmas fabrics into squares and get them made into something. Several times I've tried to clean out all my holiday fabrics and failed.

You need to order batting and flannel. I think I need to order more Insulbrite and make some hotpads. I have corny fabric too as well as other veggies. And chickens! I have one little square of insulbrite left and that's not enough for anything useful.

Love your Pineapple UFO!

Bonnie said...

It's so hard not to start tons of new things. Last year I finished a slew of UFOs but it doesn't seem that the list has gotten any shorter. And I've started 2 new projects in the last month or two. One will be done in another week or two but the other.... I'll keep plugging along on it. Luckily I really like it so I am motivated. Your corn mit is really cute. I think that would be great for when we microwave our corn on the cob in the husk and then have to take the husk off. The corn is great but the hands are steaming!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

How fun to see all that Christmas fabric - glad it helped you stay warm ;-)
Good luck with your backings - sometimes those take as long as the front!

Karen S said...

In between things going wrong you did manage to geta lot done. Great to use up fabric in the backings.

Ivani said...

Great projects. Love those Christmas squares. It is a good thing to use the fabric we had for backing. Happy weekend! Stay safe and warm.

Barwitzki said...

You have achieved many beautiful things again ... congratulations. The glove with corn is great too :-) I have a large corn field right behind the house. Many greetings to you.
I enjoy the summer ... still :-)) So beautiful.

Susan said...

Love your quilts and the way you go on your journey, l am also one to start a pattern and then just go my own way after a while. Its such fun not having a exact replica of the designers quilt. I am also using what stash l have.