Sunday, March 20, 2022

UFO list 2022

 Hello everyone! Have you missed me? I have missed you! 

We are already at the other half of March 2022! How did that happen?!
I fell off from blog-land last July, after our beloved Birre-Liten (the cat) had to be put down, 16-1/2 years old. I never got back to blogging, not even reading your lovely and interesting blog posts. 

Back in January, I started counting UFO's to prepare for a blog post. I did a draft but never published. The beginning of the year; the heat and humidity of summer in the tropics make many of us not feel for doing anything, except what we have to do. Slow motion, I've not been an exception! I have been sewing, just not felt for working on big quilts (UFO's). 
You don't have any, you said? How is that possible?! LOL Last year I finished 6 out of 15 UFO's. Better than nothing, but my goal was to finish at least one each month. That didn't happen!

OK, so I'm joining APQ's UFO CHALLENGE 2022! Anyone else? The number for January is #12, February #7 and March #3. This year I have decided I will not work on the monthly chosen numbers, because I know myself well enough there will always be that one, or two I will not work on that specific month! When that happens, I can pick another one of course, but this year I'll work on the UFO I feel for and the goal is to finish the 15 UFO's I have listed. There may be a few more hidden somewhere, who knows?! lol

Here we go! 

1) Vegetable wall hanging
2) Scrappy Basket Quilt
3) No name, 4 inch squares
4) Pineapple Quilt
5) Crumb Quilt
6) Irish Chain Blue & White
7) Got the Blues
8) Poppies wall hanging
9) Flannel PSQ
10) New York Beauty
11) Scrappy PSQ 2.5 inch
12) Wedding Ring
13) Scrappy Christmas Stars
14) Advent Calendar
15) Christmas card holder

As you can see, many of them are lap / bed quilts which takes time to finish. I'm currently working on a table runner, table topper and place mats. When they are done, I'll see which UFO to attack! 

Do you have any other goals, except working on UFO's, this year? My other goal is to use fabric I already have and buy only what I need for finishing items. So far so good - until I saw some Coffee fabrics I just had to have, even if I don't need them! lol 



Michele McLaughlin said...

Welcome back! So Sorry about your cat passing! Can't wait to see your finished projects! Have a great day!

Chantal said...

HELLOOOOO, Astrid! Gosh! it's been such a long time. So happy to see you are okay and all is well with you. So sorry for your loss, though. My cat disappear for 10 days in January and I was completely distraught. I feel for you. Hug.
I do have UFOs, I do want to finish them this year, I do not want to buy more fabric! In January, I started three (yes, 3) new quilts. In February, I started one more new quilt AND I bought some fabric although I still have 0 finish! It's not going so well. haha! The purchase is fabrics for backgrounds and one backing. I am in the process of quilting a big quilt on my DSM and working hard on getting all the blocks of another UFO done. Time will tell how I'm doing with my goals. Hope yours go better than mine. ;^)

Calamity Quilter said...

You really finished a lot of UFO's last year. Hoping for your continued success


Char said...

Hi Astrid. I’m working on UFOs and I also joined the rainbow scrap challenge again this year. Although it’s been 3 months so far, my scraps are still multiplying.🤣
You’ve got some lovely UFOs. Can’t wait to see them finished.

Uniquely Yours Creations said...

That's a lot of UFOs. I wish you luck Astrid; you can do this! I don't belong to the challenge but my goal also is to finish UFOs that I have. So far I finished 2; one was a throw that was over 10 years old it was half quilted. My goal also is to use only fabrics that I have; I have not bought fabric for six months so far.

StephsQults said...

What a fabulous lot of UFOs, can't wait to see some of them finished, that should keep you busy for the year! And nope, no UFOs here, I finish before I start another (sometimes quilting and adding binding on one while piecing or designing my next).

Karen S said...

Good to see you back and good luck with your UFOs.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

good to see you back - sorry about your cat. It does sounds like your weather is so sticky with the humidity it would be hard to enjoy being outside when it is like that. So many UFO's but you are working on them and that is good - keep on blogging - I will add you to my feeder now that I know you are back.