Wednesday, March 23, 2022

The Travel Adventure of a Fully Tracked Parcel and a Finished UFO

At the end of last year (Dec 27, 2021) I ordered some needed fabric (to finish an Advent Calendar) from an online shop in the US. I knew it would take longer time than usual due to the pandemic, but little did I know it would take 11 weeks due to the fact USPS at O'Hare Chicago missent the parcel to Dublin (Ireland) as many as 3 times! Yep! 3 times!!! It was processed by a US carrier January 5, arrived at Chicago the next day. Next stop IDC Jamaica NY, Newark NJ, first time Dublin, which returned it to Chicago! After ping-ponging between these airports 3 times, I contacted the online shop and asked them if they could contact USPS. So they did (super customer service!). I also informed them usually parcels from the US to Mauritius transit through either London, Paris or Dubai. Finally, March 5 the parcel left Chicago for Dubai and it arrived in Mauritius March 7. It was sitting some days at the Customs and I finally got it March 18! What baffles me is why no one at O'Hare Chicago noticed the 3 times missending to Ireland?!  

...and I have the first FU (Finished UFO) 2022! 

Last year, when I made this calendar, I ran out of the fabric I used for backing, sleeve and binding. I had only enough for backing and the sleeve. I could have used another fabric for the binding, but you know.... I had to have it the same! 

I pulled it out from the shelf last night and added three rows of pockets. Today I did the remaining two rows, the sleeve, the binding and hand stitched the latter. 
It feels good to tick off one item from the UFO list!  Not sure which one I'm going to work on next. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sometimes getting packages from the on line shops does have some weird shipping. There have been times when I ordered from a store that was only 250 miles from me and it will take 3 weeks before it arrives and no one seems to know why. Glad you finally got your package

Chantal said...

Wow! What an adventure this package had. So, how many miles has it traveled altogether? Glad you got the package undamaged. Congrats on the finished UFO. ;^)

Barwitzki said...

Oh yes, you are now wonderfully prepared for the Advent season.
Too bad the package arguably couldn't enjoy the flights...they should have given you the tikets.
Congratulations on finishing the UFO.

StephsQults said...

My goodness, world travelled fabric, and what a great online store to follow it up for you! Which one was it? I had a parcel take 12 weeks to reach me from the US to Aus PRE pandemic, that was a record for me! Took so long the store replaced it as we both thought it was lost, then low and behold it turned up a week after the 2nd replacement parcel arrived. I let them know but they told me to keep it, no charge. That is also brilliant service, it was Connecting Threads.

Karen S said...

That sure is a well travelled parcel. Crazy.
Good to see the uFO finally finished and looking good.

Kathy S. said...

Your calendar is soooo cute! Way to finish a ufo. Crazy how the USPS worked, Glad you finally got your package so that you could finish it. Woohoo!