Tuesday, June 15, 2021

What's on your sewing table....

...and chair, that needs to be finished? 

This is my sewing table today. It doesn't look that bad, eh? A couple of projects, right? 

The chair; overflowing! Some WIP's hiding there!  

I'm determined to work on UFO's, but in between I need a break to work on smaller projects. After doing a little counting today, I've decided to finish (most of) the projects laying on the table and chair, before I touch anything else! (Easier said than done!) I've not set a timeframe, because that won't work for me! I didn't take photos of all, here are some of the WIP's.  

- 'Migration to Africa' (UFO) - binding

- 3 Tea Cozies, Cardinals - all pieces cut

- PSQ blocks - ongoing project

- 3 Advent Calendars - quilting

- 3 Advent Calendars - have to purchase backing fabric

- Christmas Card Holder - quilting

- Christmas Wall Hanging - quilting

- Christmas Table Topper - quilting

- Pineapple Quilt - make a pieced backing. 

There are a few other finished quilts on the chair that will be available in my Etsy shop, need to take photos. 

So lets see in about one week if the list is shortened. Wish me luck! 

Since my previous post, the tea themed place mats, mug rugs and teapot mat are done! 'Migration to Africa' quilted and trimmed. (Photos later).



Barb N said...

Sounds like you're on a mission and you will get a good amount of these projects done and out the door! It gives a great feeling of accomplishment.

Marit Johanne said...

I think you are very good and patient in working with your UFOs!And the finished result is always beautiful.

Chantal said...

Good luck, Astrid. I know you can do this. Go, girl, go!!! (insert pompoms here) ;^)

Karen S said...

It doesn't hurt to get all the UFOs out and work through them. When they are in sight they are more likely to be done.

Sheri said...

Your sewing table and chair of projects is so neat and tidy and inviting! Great job on UFO progress. I'm motivated to get up to my sewing room!

Elzaan said...

On my table...3 projects that gets cycled as I have the time and energy for them...
As soon as some of those UFO's are done, then some space is available for a new project or two :) Sounds like a win-win to me.

Jenny said...

What's on my sewing table? Piles of fabric that I'm thinking about, a few pinned blocks, just a bit of a mess, really.

Julierose said...

Hi Astrid--I hopped over from "Crazy By Design"'s blog...you have some lovely projects going on...good luck on your UFO's --I am on a mission to get mine done this year..maybe;)))
Hugs, Julierose

Ivani said...

I am sure you will do all planned.
on my table... oh you wouldn't believe if I told you.
happy stitching, happy quilting

R's Rue said...

You have plenty of projects to keep you busy. Happy stitching and quilting. Have a beautiful day.