Sunday, April 20, 2014

WIP's and a couple of finishes

I was supposed to finish the table topper AND runner from my previous post... 
I did finish the table topper, but not the runner. I had such problems with the thread tension so I just put it away. 

I finally hemmed the coffee table runner

Since my previous post, I've started a new project; log cabin blocks! I bought these fabrics at the end of last year, just because they are so beautiful! Purple has always been outside my comfort zone, but I fell in love with these fabrics. So far I have 8 blocks and I will definitely need more fabric to finish up the quilt. 

Old jeans from a friend and cloth rice bags from Pakistan,

this is going to be an upcycled grocery bag. I just have to pull out some more jeans from a box... 

Working on a Christmas custom order; 4 placemats

Yesterday I was cleaning part of the sewing / studio, where I have most of my quilting fabrics, books, magazines etc. I have a huge buffet that is filled to the brim and 'of course' some containers stored on the floor - to hubby's despair - lol. After the cleaning yesterday I felt a little bit lazy today and just wanted to go through some of the containers. Started with a basket I thought contained of things to be thrown... Wrong! Well, it was things at the top that was ready for the bin and what else did I find? Bits and pieces of fabrics from projects that were finished at least 2-3 years ago and lots of HST's!  I started to sort it out and now I have a nice little heap to be cut into 2, 2.5 and 4 inch squares and 1.5 inch strips. There are some orphan as well as error blocks too, which I'm going to re-cut and I will use most of this in a super-scrappy quilt... one sunny day! :) 



Hilde Quilt said...

Fine ting du har ferdig. Gleder meg til å se det andre når de er klare også. Ha en fortsatt fin påske.

thebutterflyquilter said...

I love the up cycle jeans for a bag! Also love purple my favorite color so really like your log blocks! Can't wait to see it complete!

Bev C said...

Hello Astrid,

I love your Coffee themed fabric for the table runner, rather apt.
Finding extra stash is always handy, just like buying fabric but not having to pay for it!!

Happy sewing.

Hilachas said...

Well Astrid, you've been very busy and it looks like you'll continue to me busy with all the goodies you found in that bin.

Karen said...

Isn't it funny how you find things tucked away in spaces?? And forgotten!
Love seeing all that you are doing. I like the log cabins.

Carrie P. said...

the fabrics for your new log cabin blocks are really great. love that star table topper.

Umm-Yara said...

Vilken fantastisk idé med risväskorna i tyg! Vi köper oftast vårt ris i tygväskor, men jag har aldrig tänkt på att man kan använda dem till något annat. Tack för tipset! Tvättar du dem före du använder dem? I 40 grader eller 60 grader?
Kram på dig!