Sunday, February 1, 2009

The beginning of my first baby quilt...

I didn't last long... I haven't been creative at all since a couple of weeks before Christmas, when I completed some Christmas gifts and wall quilts. I think I needed a break after some weeks with intense sewing. It's not that I haven't thought of what to make next; my head is full of ideas - but where to start?

Well, since I've never made any baby quilts yet - I decided to go for that. I already had some Beatrix Potter fabrics in my stash, which I decided to use.

The quilts I have made earlier are mainly patterns from magazines or downloaded from the net. For this quilt I want to test my own creativity; work without any pattern. I already have a "picture" of the finished quilt in my head - so let's see how it turns out! (I hope it doesn't end up UFO, or worse; in the bin!!!)

Today I have fussy-cut the Beatrix Potter squares for the block centers, and added the triangles around them. "Of course" I had to cut the squares for the triangles wrong! I cut the squares 3 3/8" instead of 3 3/4" - that's a big difference - huh! Fortunate I discovered the error after doing one block! Per tonight I have no idea what the next step is going to be... I think I'd better go to bed - and "sleep on it".

BTW - I think I have enough panel (squares) for two quilts (boy & girl) and started this one in dusty pink and lemon yellow (Moda Marbles).

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Unknown said...

The colour combo & the the bunnies you've chosen are so cute! I love Beatrix Potter everything! lols...