Sunday, February 15, 2009

What went wrong with the baby quilt....

I really don't know if there is something wrong with me - or the baby quilt! I'm quite sure my brain doesn't work properly at times, or is it just playing with me?! Yes, I did "sleep on" what to do next on the baby quilt and I decided to go for pinwheel blocks in white on white/pink and yellow. After sewing 18 blocks I discovered the pinwheel blocks are 1/2" bigger than the main blocks!!! I was near to pull my hair off when I discovered it! I guess it went too well, so somewhere there had to be a mistake! I went to bed trying to figure out what to do - I woke up in the middle of the night with my head full of "error blocks" and I woke up in the morning and still hadn't decided what to do!!! I just couldn't cut off 1/4" on each side, because then I had destroyed the blocks... After a lot of brain work I finally decided to decrease the pattern (foundation piecing) so it got the same size as the main blocks.

I had a hard time doing the mathematics! I'm not that familiar with inch at all. I never learnt about yard, inch etc at school; it was all about meters and centimeters. Fortunate hubby is familiar with it and managed to add together what I thought was right. This time I made a test-block and DID measure it before I continued! :-) I also figured out the "error-blocks" can be used for another quilt - they were not done in vain! :-)
I received the yellow fabric some days ago, but still haven't got the pink one....

I chose "summer green" and "beeswax" (Moda Marbles) for the "boy-quilt". I'm a bit reluctant using these colors and have yet to decide if I should add white as for the "girl-quilt"... I think I have to make some test-blocks to see how the colors turn out.... I'm a bit worried the Beatrix Potter prints (squares) won't be that visible if I use too much of the two other colors.... ????

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