Monday, May 11, 2009

3" strips coming together

During the last days hubby & I have been busy doing some jobs in the lower ground floor. Last year I painted four interior doors, got so fed up and never did the last coat on the bathroom door. As I mentioned in my previous post the days are cooler, which means I'm alive again and ready to do postponed jobs. I painted the door and door case, while hubby put up a curtain rail and drilled for pot holder and towel hooks as well as several other things I want to hang on the walls. We even painted inside the kitchen unit! It looks so nice now! Hubby claims it was "forced labor"! :))
Well, I've done some quilting too. Last week was dedicated to complete the quilt for the swing - or perhaps it is called hammock? I'm not very good at mathematics, so of course I did cut too many strips for the quilt for the hammock! I thought I had enough for a tablecloth for the porch table, but I had to add one row of six patch units on each side.
After cutting 3" strips I added three 3" strips together and then again cut into 3" x 7 3/4" and added two together - 6 patch units. (I hope I have explained it right!)
Here the fun begins! Adding the six patch units together, avoiding the same fabric next to each other!
Do you see the safety pins? Finally - it's ready for quilting!

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