Friday, May 29, 2009

Log Cabin progress & latest stash

Isn't this the best place to snuggle up when it's raining cats and dogs and it is impossible go hunting birds?!
Birre-Liten isn't a big hunter though. After he was neutered he's become a bit lazy (has gained weight too) and prefers staying inside or around the house. He meets his girlfriend nearly every day - she lives next door - and the funny is she looks the same as him, but she's smaller.

I haven't done much sewing the last days, but made some progress on the log cabin quilt. I've done four blocks, which shows how the quilt is going to be. I'm going to use a wide variety of blues together with the contrasting yellow fabrics for the stars. The last couple of days I'm working on Johnny's bed cover and I can report the basting is done and it is now ready to be quilted. :)

Yes - more stash! :) These fabrics arrived today! Black on red, red on black, red on white, black on white and white on black. My intention is to make a quilt in these colors, but have yet to decide the design.

OOOOH!!! Isn't it darling??!! How on earth is it possible to resist Nancy Halvorsen's "I believe in Santa"?! I couldn't help it; I bought a Fat Quarter Bundle (Mistletoe) from Fat Quarter Shop. The bundle consists of one panel and 16 fat quarters.


busymum100 said...

Beautiful log cabins you've got there! How big do you intend to make?

Would love to see it when it's done.

Anonymous said...

Lovely log cabin, Astrid. I also like your combination of red fabrics, - will be interesting to see the finished project.

Sølvis blog said...

Nydelige log-cabin-blokker. er det vanskelig å få til stjernene?