Friday, September 25, 2009

Pink basket & matching shoes

Isn't it amazing what us crafters "must have"? For some time now I have had in mind a basket for scraps when I cut fabrics, but haven't got around buying any - until a couple of days ago. A basket was not in my mind when we entered the supermarket. Actually it was DH who asked me; "don't you need a basket for threads, ribbons, fabrics etc?" I agreed to that; "yes, I need a basket"... ...And here it is; a pink basket - for scraps!
We had a quick chat with MIL before we went to the supermarket. Some weeks ago she bought a pair of black shoes for DH, which is made of soft rubber and they are very comfortable - even space enough inside! :) MIL always buys "Deepavali" gifts for us. Instead of letting her buy something I wouldn't like, I told her my wish is a pair of such shoes - but in pink. Little did I know she bought the shoes the same day as I asked her - and they are pink too - matching the basket! LOL! :))


zarina said...

They celebrate Deepavali there? we do also for the many Indians here.

Those are Crocs right? I have heard many things but have not owned a pair, yet.

Janet C said...

I have the same pink pair of Crocs! :)