Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weekend job and 'winter' approaching

It feels like yesterday we all complained about the heat and humidity.
'Winter' is approaching - I love this time of the year! Situated 20 degrees South of Equator, it never snows here of course, but the temperatures may go as low as 8 C (46F) in July/August. I love the crisp air and cooler days - reminds me of Norway.
April 14th is the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. I don't think the day is celebrated anymore among Norwegians.... Tamil New Year was celebrated here this April 14th. I don't know if there is a connection between the Tamil New Year's celebration and the first day of summer in Norway.... You can read more about Tamil New Year here

Sunset between Corps de Garde and St. Pierre Mountain.

Batting and backing for the bedcover. I hate doing this, but a quilt will never be finished if this part isn't done! :)) I tape the backing to the table so that it doesn't move... Not the table, the backing! :)) Then I put the batting and the top, pin, and....

... ready for quilting.
I didn't have enough safety pins so I sent DH to town buying 100 pins! :) It's not that he had to go buying the pins only, he had other errands too.
This photo was taken some days ago. Yesterday I finished the quilting and this weekend I'm going to do the binding.

I can't believe it! I've received another Award - this one from 'Lappedamen'!
As I said in this post, I find it very difficult to choose other blogs that deserve an Award. There are SO MANY great blogs and crafty bloggers in Blogland, so in a way it won't be fair to choose a few only.
I have seen quite some bloggers who say 'no thank you' to Awards, but personally I feel childish honored that I can be to any inspiration to others, and by that I do add the received Awards to my blog.
Therefore - if YOU feel you deserve this Award, please grab it and add it to your blog!
YOU deserve it!

It's such a beautiful morning; 20C (68F), blue sky and crisp air.
I'm ready for the garden!


Notjustnat said...

It's starting of winter here in Australia too! I didn't know we have the same seasons. Sorry I hardly know anything about Mauritius, if only that man would be more friend!!! I love this time of the year too. Cool day with a bright sky. Looking forward to see that quilt.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

What a lovely sunset pic you are showing us Astrid!!! Great will be finished soon YAY!!! Enjoy the lovely days...sounds very similar weather to us over here♥x

karenfae said...

congrats on your award - I guess I am one that do not care if I get them or now. I am not good technically and have to keep asking hubby how to add them on to my sidebar :)
Nice looking quilt,

Dirt Lover said...

Hi Astrid! I love the crisp cool weather too, especially after the long hot summers. It's nice reading what you are doing, because your weather is opposite of what I have. We are just now going into the summer time, and my garden is in the baby-stage.
Fast work on the quilt! It looks great. Congrats.

Dorine said...

Hi Astrid,
Thanks for writing at my blog.
You are the first lady from Mauritius.
You made a nice quilt. and machine quilting is not easy but you have the same bernina as I have.
I followed a workshop in machine quilting this winter.
Greetings Dorine

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Hi Astrid~ What a beautiful quilt, and soon it will be finished! My grandmother used to do all that pinning too... then sit for hours,days and weeks... quilting it by hand. I was mesmerized by her perfect little stitches... and one day I hope to inherit at least one of them. But oh the lucky ones who receive one of your beauties!!!

This may sound silly, but I love learning about the weather in areas other than my own little spot on earth. Maybe its because I'm a gardener... hubby says I should have been a meteorologist. lol I enjoy watching the satellite pics of weather around the globe, and your description of your spot is wonderful! Tamil New Year, I've never heard of it, but now I'll have to read on it. (:

Have a lovely fall day~ xxxVicki