Monday, May 3, 2010

Split Hourglass quilt & other WIP's

I'm tired of UFO's!!!
After finishing 14 - almost 15 - UFO's since January 1st, I got the urge to do something new. Inspired by Nat and Ria (scroll down) 'Klosjes quilts', I decided to do a 'Split Hourglass" quilt. (Thanks for your inspiration, ladies!) The pattern is from an Australian magazine I received from my dear penfriend Jocelyn (no blog) in New Zealand. I have wanted to do this quilt ever since I received the magazine, but there has always been other projects.

I have used scraps. Such a quilt is perfect for using up scraps. I had to buy the very light blue tone-on-tone background fabric though.


The last border and binding are supposed to be dark blue, but that color doesn't suit my quilt. I intend to use a medium blue. I have so many different blues, but 'of course' I don't have enough! I need a little bit more than 1 yard, all blues I have is less than that.  At the moment I hate searching for fabric at the net - terrible slow internet connection - so instead I'm going to see if there is a blue I already have that will be fine, and I'll check if it is still available.
Ragna (no blog) in Norway - if you are reading this post - I'm sure you recognize many of the fabrics! :)) (I received a lot of fabrics from Ragna a few years ago).
OMGosh! I googled 'klosjes', and I'm surprised how popular these blocks are! Take a look at Julia and Karen's blogs... 


Last year I promised my dear friend Johnny to make a Christmas Tree skirt...


I fished out the fabrics yesterday evening. When I had read the instruction, Birre-Liten decided HE needs attention - not the fabrics! :)) He was a bit angry, because DH was late in feeding him his favorite food; boiled sheep liver!

Birre-Liten got tired of waiting, and I cut part of what is needed for the tree skirt.

I made the star for the center piece this morning. There's a lot of applique and many small pieces to fit together on the remaining blocks.
This is a pattern from 'Art to Heart'; Star of wonder.

My friend Johnny's mum is moving house within a couple of months.
I'm going to make her a lap quilt, using fabrics from the 'Cider Mill Road' collection by Nancy Halvorsen - Art to Heart.


karenfae said...

That is a pretty scrap quilt - instead of purchasing more fabric how would a scrappy border be made out of several colors? You have made so much progress on your UFO's since January!! I need to do more also.

Notjustnat said...

Astrid, I'm glad you got inspired by Ria and I. We inspire each other all the time here on blogland. You have finished a lot of projects this year. Good on you. I wish I could say the same about my UFOs, but I'm having starting hahaha!!! Hugs Nat

sjoko said...

What a lovely and interesting blogg you have. And mooving from Norway to mauritius sounds like a dream... I like your hourglasses and thin I will soon have to do some myself :O)

Valentina said...

Dear Astrid, I really love your Klosjes quilt. it is breathtakingly beautiful! It makes me want to start another one! :)
You have a lovely blog and I will be visiting you often,
warm greetings from Cyprus,

zarina said...

Astrid - one way you can do your binding and still use your stash, is to use different the different blue shades in your binding. I have seen a few quilts where the binding in also pieced.

Joanne said...

Oh Astrid, the split-hour glass quilt is so very pretty. I love the way the straight lines give the illusion of being curved .... or so it seems to me.
- Can't wait to see the quilt you make with the Nancy Halverson fabrics ... really love those colors and patterns.

By the way ... how old are you going to be ... I will tell mine if you tell yours :-) ... just teasing !