Monday, August 30, 2010

Accumulation of quilt tops and a win

How many quilt tops do you have that is waiting to be sandwiched?!
Just say it - I know you have some, don't you?! :))
I have too many at the moment! By "too many" I mean four that are done (the tops);

1) Split Hourglass quilt
2) Hello Betty
3) Marion's quilt
4) Mystery quilt

5) Pinwheel quilt*
6) Polar Bear quilt*

Those marked with the *, the tops have yet to be finished.

These days I'm working on the Polar Bear quilt. It's a challenge, because the blocks are four different sizes, and if that is not enough; the fabric is limited and I don't get more. I had to purchase approx 0.50 yards of some of the fabrics that are still available. Hopefully I'll get it at the end of this week...
My intention is to start sandwiching one of these quilts already this week...
I should not be tempted to start another project before at least half of these tops are quilted and finished!!!! :) If I do - please remind me - lol! :)

This is how it looks like now... I have added together some of the blocks. I'm not sure how to proceed, need to take the fabric into consideration...

I fell head over heal for this design!

A while ago I bought a layer cake and jelly roll; "Evening Mist" by Sentimental Studios (Moda). It has bothered me - lol - that I didn't find a suitable pattern for it, but some days ago the pattern was just there, in front of my eyes - in a magazine.
This is just part of the quilt. I had to purchase fabric for the inner- and other border, so this one is "on hold". :)
While waiting for the purchased fabrics, I hope to get my *** moving and start sandwiching - the most boring part of finishing a quilt - isn't it?!


I never win - and I'VE WON!!!!

I'm the OPAM 2010 winner for the month of July!!!! :)))
OPAM - One Project A Month - is hosted by Kris and Peg.
Peg sent me a Timeless Treasures charm pack; "Hampton Blues" and a darling
Lynette Anderson pattern; "Beehive Home". I LOVE IT ALL!!!
Peg, how did you guess my favorite color is actually blue?! :)
Thanks a big lot!!!


Yesterday I made yummy carrot- and ginger bran muffins....

Yes, I was greedy; had three of them yesterday itself - and more today! :)
Interested? Click for the recipe here.
Love the taste of ginger!


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Lucky you Astrid having all those quilt tops to sandwich...I am just getting into quilting and looking forward to it...especially now with my new machine!!! Congratulations on the win...Hugs, Dzintra♥x

karenfae said...

Astrid - I have been in the same place before - last year at the end of the year I had lined up all the tops I had to finish and that is what I have mainly been doing this year - getting caught up. I have one on the large frame almost finished - one on the smaller hoop in the process of quilting and only 1 left waiting in line to be quilted. Of course I have 3 quilts tops not finished and another to be made yet this year for my niece. So that means next year I will have a line of quilts waiting to be quilted once again - it never ends.

heather said...

I don't think I can count that high. When I finish a top it ends up in a box never to be seen again while I start a new project. Occasionally I purge the box and give them all to charities.

Joanne said...

I too have many finished quilt tops not sandwiched and quilted .... some many yrs old. At the rate I am going it will be forever catching up. LOL!!

ria vogelzang said...

Just love your beautiful quilts and yummie recipes!!!

Fleurette said...

I have 4 tops to be sandwiched and quilted - somehow I can't find the time! Congrats on your win! Your pinwheel quilt is looking great, love those colours!

Huisvlyt said...

Congrats on the winnings!
You have a lot of work to do. As long as you enjoy the sandwiching and quilting, and not doing it to "get it finished and out of the way".
Will have a look at that recipe...Looks yummy!
The latest design quilt is wonderful. I might just bother you for the pattern... :-)

Janet C said...

Congrats for winning the OPAM. Keep it up! :)

Elisabeth said...

So many beautiful quilt tops you have made! I think that I have tree or four quilt tops waiting for me. You Polar Bear quilt is my favorit. It is so lovely!!


Michelle said...

Your new blog design looks great!

Just 6 projects? HA! I've got more than that.

Your polar bear quilt is looking so lovely, and the Evening Mist is coming along beautifully.

Congrats on your win!

Dirt Lover said...

Congrats on your latest win! I think you get quite a few of your things finished. I just took a round robin top to the quilters to be done. It's only been in the bag for about 3 years. I have a 4 block quilt (almost done) that I stopped working on a few years ago. Many others that aren't done. I think your sidebar that has wip's and ufo's is a great idea. Maybe if I had all mine written down, I would finish more. Winter is my favorite time to work on sewing and quilting. It's coming up! You inspire me. Thanks.

Dirt Lover said...

Ooops, forgot to tell you, I looked at the muffin site, and it's wonderful! It has been bookmarked so I can go back and look at more recipes.

PJs Lapperier. said...

Du har det du gör där borta i värmen :o)

Spännande att se om du klarar att låta bli det nya projektet...fint mönster by the way........

och GRATTIS till vinsten!
kram PJ

Amy said...

What is the name of the pattern you used? It's so pretty!

jacks715 said...

Can you share what magazine you found the pattern in for your "Evening Mist" fabric? I would love to give it a shot. Or, if you'd rather post the pattern that would be great. Thanks!

Astrid said...

Hello jacks715,
Sorry it took me some time getting back to you... The pattern is from Quilter's World August 2010.