Friday, August 6, 2010

Another day out

We didn't really plan the day out Tuesday this week, but we decided to go North. We longed for a good walk, but didn't have any fixed plans were to walk. We are a bit "allergic" to plans; we prefer take things as they come...

We could have taken a bus heading North not far from where we live, but instead we walked it down to Rose Hill. DH insisted there's a "taxi-train" going between Rose Hill and Flacq... Even when he asked the taxi driver if he goes to FLACQ - the taxi driver said "YES"! When he started driving, we noticed he went in an opposite direction than we were supposed to go! When DH asked again if he's not going to Flacq, he said: "No, I'm going to FLAT"! While clearing up the misunderstanding and confusion, another taxi came and gave us a lift back to the taxi stand in Rose Hill! We got it confirmed that there is no "taxi-train" running between Rose Hill and Flacq!!!
What a start! LOL!
I think I should explain "taxi-train"... It's not an ordinary taxi, but one that waits for passengers to fill up the car, which means cheaper rates for everyone than an ordinary taxi. DH is not sure the expression "taxi-train" is in use by the younger generation today, but in earlier years it was widely used.

The town Flacq isn't much to write home about; a rather boring inland town.
It was already lunch time when we reached Flacq. Around a corner we came across a Hare Krishna guy selling vegetable burgers, cakes etc.

I've always heard they are making delicious, vegetarian food - and I was right! I had a burger and DH some cakes. Even the brown burger bread was much tastier from what we're used to where we live. I can still remember the taste of mustard from the burger dressing - delicious!

We had a quick stop at the quite new shopping center in Flacq, where we bought chocolate and Doritos (chips), before we took the bus to Goodlands - another typical Mauritian town. It has a very crowded main street; shops on each sides and the traffic also goes through the town center - quite chaotic - if you ask me!

I detest crowded and polluted places - like Goodlands - so we got into a "taxi-train" heading for one of my favorite places on the island; Grand Gaube - a rather small fishing village.

I have always loved this place for its tranquility and picturesque position.

I can't get my eyes off this beauty of a restaurant in Grand Gaube! It's stunning! I believe it belongs to the Veranda Paul  & Virginie hotel. I love its architecture and the fact that there's a path between the hotel and the restaurant, where people have access to the public area! Not all hotel managements allow that.
We had a rest here, sitting on a bench under a huge tree, eating the chocolate and Doritos (chips) we bought in Flacq. :)

Since we were out for a walk and still hadn't had one  - except from home to Rose Hill - we decided to walk the coastal road from Grand Gaube to Cap Malheureux (fishing village and the most northerly town) . We have walked the distance some years ago, but didn't remember how far it is. It was already almost 3 o'clock in the afternoon so we shouldn't miss the last bus home!
We asked a couple of guys for the distance, where one said 6-8 km (4-5 miles). The other guy said it's about 45 minutes walk - and not to forget their surprise when we said we'll walk it up; MARI LOIN!!! Very far - LOL!
Mauritians don't walk - that's a fact! :))

DH refilled the water bottle from a public tap in Grand Gaube before we headed - by foot - to Cap Malheureux. We thought; if we can't manage the distance, there's always a bus...

After some kilometers walking, we met two women cutting (harvesting) sugar canes. DH had a chat with them and we were told we were halfway to Cap Malheureux.

The sugarcane harvest usually begins in July and lasts up to end of November. Many people still do it using a kind of machete. It's heavy work and I do admire the women working in the fields.


An old - now protected monument - sugarcane factory chimney.

On the roadside; black lava rocks partly hidden by gorgeous red flowers.

Not everywhere there's a bus stop like this one! :)

The famous Cap Malheureux church - with the red roof.

Imagine we were laughing, after walking 6,5 km (4 miles) only! For most of the locals this is a very long distance - for us; a short walk.
I bought some postcards at a souvenir shop in Cap Malheureux, before we headed to the bus stop for the bus to Port Louis.
The bus trip from Cap Malheureux took more than 1 hour; it was dark when we finally arrived at Gare du Nord in Port Louis. DH was hungry and wanted something to eat before another almost one hour bus trip home, but Port Louis was "dead"! All shops were closed, the market (food court) was closed... every little shop closed - before 7 o'clock in the night - Port Louis' "dead".
We walked it to Victoria Square (bus stand), went into the bus heading home - we thought.... Since it was dark, we couldn't see properly where it went, but definitely not the road it should go... Well, it ended up the engine made a strange sound so the bus did only a circle for so to return to the bus stand! We had to jump into the next bus...
Another one hour by bus - then 15 minutes walking - and finally -
home sweet home! :))
An eventful trip to the Northern part of the island, and even if we didn't get to walk as much as we hoped for, we did about 11 km (approx 7 miles).

Mark Twain quote;
"You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, then the heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius"...


zarina said...

those are beautiful photos you have taken. Thank you for sharing - it just brings us there. Keep up the good work (and hope that I too will put up more photos - tomorrow my first photo shooting outing with my new tripod).

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful outing with us. Gaube is indeed beautiful, and from the pictures I believe Mark Twain was right.

PJs Lapperier. said...

Det kallar jag för "En Ledig Dag Ute"..... ser jätte härligt ut!

Fleurette said...

love seeing your beautiful photos, brings back good memories of when I was there many years ago!

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh how wonderful that an island girl has found me! What a lovely island you live on! I will have to look it up and do a little research! So glad that you found me!!! How beautiful and you have such a vibrant people to live amongst. I look forward to reading more... XO