Thursday, December 30, 2010

NNC's Christmas Ornament Exchange 2010

Earlier this year I signed up for NNC's Christmas Ornament Swaps. The members of the group had the possibility to sign up for two different swaps; counted cross-stitching on linen, and all crafts. I signed up for both swaps, making four ornaments; two cross-stitching and two all-crafts. It was a secret partner swap, I knew only my partners. I was near to faint when "headmistress" MW (the organizer of the swaps)   picked Diane (no blog) in the US as one of my swap partners! Just thinking of how she was going to "scan" my poor stitches........... lol! Diane is a devoted cross-stitcher and does such neat work. Perhaps I shouldn't consider myself as newbie when it comes to cross-stitching, I did a lot in earlier years, but it was first recently I started stitching on linen - totally new to me. 
The parcel from Diane arrived sound & safe while I was in Norway. (Missed custom this time too!) Parcels from Diane are always full of surprises, and this one was no exception!
This is what Diane sent me;

a gorgeous cross-stitched house, fat-quarter, Rozanne's Glue-Baste-It, Ginger man potholder, 2 spools Superior thread and a Christmas card.

A close-up of the stunning cross-stitched Christmas house.

Isn't it wonderful? I just can't take my eyes of it! So lovely!
I LOVE the card! On the front page it says; "No animals were harmed during the making of this card"... Inside; "The photographer, however, is in serious but stable condition and may be able to leave the hospital by New Year's - Merry Christmas!" On the back; "Bad, Mr Cuddles! Very bad!" - and there are terrible scratches from the cat's claws! What a dangerous cat! 

My second partner for the cross-stitch swap, is Radha (no blog) in Malaysia. A couple of days before Christmas Eve, I received another big box that had to take the trip to the custom before it ended up in our mailbox. I'm always a bit anxious when parcels go through customs, but this time all items were neatly placed into the box again - just like it never had been opened. (Must have been a newbie - lol!) 
I became breathless when I opened the box, just take a look what was inside; 

a piece of gorgeous Malaysian batik (sorry it didn't turn out better on the photo, perhaps I'll take a new photo for another post), three other pieces of fabric, a piece of felt with cute cats, ribbon, pins, floss, calendar, two cute Santas, two cute teddies (to be sewn on clothes, not sure what they are called in English... 

A gorgeous Christmas ornament - isn't it lovely?!

OOOOH! I'm the lucky owner of Radha's famous hairpin lace scarf!!! Isn't it lovely?!
Don't ask me how she does it! :))

I go and hide in shame!!! I'm ashamed, because I sent almost nothing to Diane and Radha, and look what I received from them!

My cross-stitched ornament, bookmark and some postcards to Radha.

My cross-stitched ornament to Diane. There were also a bookmark and some postcards.
Both ornaments are from Little House Needleworks - "Red House in Winter" and "Snowy Pines" - stitched on 30 count linen. I love their designs, and I hope you do too, Radha & Diane! 

A huge THANK YOU to Diane & Radha for your gorgeous gifts! I'm overwhelmed!
And not to forget MW at NNC for organizing the swap - thank you MW!


karenfae said...

My mother made a Christmas house somewhat like that one year, she had it so that half of the roof could flip up and she would put her Christmas cards in it.

Dirt Lover said...

It's all so beautiful! What a lucky girl you are.