Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year's Resolution

Dear friends, followers and readers

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May 2011 be your best year ever! 

Resolution... How many of you have made one or more resolutions for 2011? 
You may have noticed the head line; Happy New Year's Resolution... I put it this way, because I wish those of you who have made resolutions for 2011; good luck & the very best! Personally I don't see any point in making resolutions every new year, because I don't have willpower enough to stick to them! Kidding! There are decisions I'm going to take in near future, but why do I have to decide and make it valid from January 1st and call it resolutions? I don't want to fool myself...
OK, let's face it; how many of us have gained weight over the festive season? Confession; I have! Not much, but enough to see and feel it - my clothes have shrunk in the wardrobe - must be the high humidity here - lol! I know I always gain weight this time of the year; too much yummy food. But I also know, what I have gained will disappear over the next months, especially when we start hiking again - this time of the year it is too hot for hiking (for me). The extra grams; nothing to worry about! 

Stash shopping! How many of you are not going to do any stash shopping this year?! :)) I don't want to make any resolution on it, because I know I won't be able not buying any stash at all over the next 12 months! I'll try my best to use fabric from my stash, but there might be I need some meters/yards... Over the last year I have seen so many wonderful scrap quilts, as well as following this blog - Stash Manicure - where there are so many ideas from quilters how to use from your stash. Great ideas for scrap quilts.
But first of all; I'm going to finish the accumulated quilt tops from 2010! 

All the very best for 2011!
Good luck on the resolutions you have made! 

A huge New Year's hug to my friends, followers and readers; without you my blog had not been possible! Thanks for all your wonderful comments, advices etc! 
I mean it - but I know it sounds like a cliche from an Oscar nomination - lol! 


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Astrid...we all make resolutions don't we...and then a lot of us break them!!! But hey, that's what they're all about arent they LOL!!! Happy New Year...Dzintra♥x

karenfae said...

I rarely make a resolution - I never stick with it.
Happy New Year

Yashvin said...


Happy New Year to you too :-)
As for the new year resolutions, I have stopped writing any list as from this year. For the last years, I have been blogging about my new year resolutions but most of the time, I end up the year without having completed the most important tasks.

I wish u the best for 2011.
Hope to see you soon,

QuiltSue said...

Happy New Year Astrid.

Dirt Lover said...

I used to make resolutions each year, and never stuck with them. Then I stopped, then I made a few. Last year, my resolutions were: make socks, soap, and cheese. I made one sock, one batch of soap, and one batch of cheese. Does that count?? as for the weight, I went to the dr. a few days before Christmas, and go again tomorrow. I weighed too much the first time, and I'm sure will have gained a few pounds by tomorrow. Agh!

Tingelingeling said...

Riktig godt nytt år!! Liker å besøke bloggen din!