Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stocktaking UFO's per 1/1/2011

Here we go again!
It feels good to finally be able to blog again! The I-net connection has been fairly OK over the last days, but we are far from happy! I've had in mind this post for quite some days, but I've been too lazy taking photos - lol!
New Year means new possibilities! Yes, the possibility for everyone to create and make more gorgeous quilts - doesn't it?!
This is not a New Year resolution, but my aim for 2011 is to finish the UFOs from 2010. Personally I think I have many, but compared to others who have counted 30, 50 or even more, I have nothing! It had become too overwhelming for me if I had too many! I don't like work that is half done either, whatever it is.
My dear Nina (Bernina) is still at the workshop in Port Louis. Don't know when the stitch plate will arrive from Switzerland... :((

Well, here it goes;

The Polar Bear quilt.
I have sewn together some of the blocks, but has yet to assemble the whole quilt top.

The Mystery Quilt; Star Burst.
Already basted. I consider to hand quilt this one, but I need courage, as well as I need input how to do the quilting. Since this will be my very first hand quilted project (if I don't change my mind) it has to be something very simple; not feathers and all that fancy quilting! :)
Karen - the hand quilting guru - may I have your suggestion - pls! Others too - of course - your opinion pls!

Hello Betty & Pinwheel quilts.
Both tops done.

TG Quilt - top done.
So far I call it TG - Tina Givens - because I have used fabrics mainly from her collections. I may change the name later on, when I decide on something better.

The Jiffy quilt - the one that was supposed to be backing for another quilt, but turned out too beautiful for that - lol! :)) Top done.

The Colorado Star quilt.
I started this one 2-3 years ago - as I can recall. The plan is to make covers for our two couches. So far I have 18 blocks, but I'm not yet sure how many I need altogether. The blocks are not trimmed and when all done I'll have to arrange them a bit better, but you get an idea how the quilt is going to look like. All the blocks will be done in blues and two yellows for the star.

In addition to those UFOs, I have a baby quilt and a Easter wall quilt to finish. Don't know where I have put them... The Easter wall quilt I can leave as it is or if I want to make it bigger (it's a small one) I can always add a border of blocks around it - I shall see.
Everything went wrong on the baby quilt, but now I have got a better idea of how to proceed. When I find them I'll add photos. I think this is all the UFOs I have.
I have a couple of knitting projects too, but that will be for another post.

What about you ladies - what is your aim for 2011?


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

These will keep you busy Astrid...but wow, they are great!!! Dzintra♥x

karenfae said...

How big is the Star Burst quilt? I would start by quilting around each star and around each block - about a 1/4 inch away from the pieces. Then I would quilt on the inside of each star and block about 1/4 inch from seam. See if that is enough and it it isn't then make grid marks about 1 to 1 1/2 inches apart and quilt on that. That could be just going in one direction it doesn't have to be cross hatch. Seeing as it would be your first don't be hard on yourself and don't start putting in more quilting than you really want to deal with. :)

Huisvlyt said...

Glad your internet is up and running again. Seems all your complaining finally got through...
What a bunch of lovely quilts - all waiting for your attention. You will be kept busy for a while!
I have three WIP's that I want to finish this year (exept the pillow cases), and start AND complete two new projects. We will see how it goes.

Bjørg said...

Du har mange fine arbeider!

QuiltSue said...

You have some great projects on the go. For the hand quilting, I'd quilt 1/4" inside all the stars and squares and 1/4" each side of all the block seams and probably that would be enough.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the eye-candy Astrid. Lovely projects.

PJs Lapperier. said...

Så mycket fint du har på gång!

Sharon said...

So many projects going on, can't wait to see you post the final pictures! Cross fingers the internet does not go haywire again.

Marit Irene said...

Ser du har nok å henge fingrene i. Nydelige quilt´s du lager.