Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scrap quilt and two baby/toddler quilts

I can't believe 3 weeks have passed by since my previous post... Where does the time go?! House works, gardening, hikes (click here) and sewing have kept me busy. I'm happy to say I have finished 3 quilts; one UFO from last year and the two others are from this year.

Here's my 'Messy Scrap Quilt'! :))
As you can see, Birre-Liten has approved it already. :))

This quilt was supposed to be backing for the 'Jiffy quilt', see my previous post. DH was almost screaming when he saw it! He suggested I make it into another quilt, and here it is! Well, now I agree with him; it didn't turn out that bad! :)

It's a 100% scrap quilt. I have used bits and pieces from 'old' fabrics; fabrics I bought here when I first started quilting as well as fabrics I received from my friend Ragna (no blog) in Norway. Some of the fabrics I bought here, is not 100% cotton. It is of a mix, but I'm not sure what kind of mix. The sellers say it is 100% cotton, but it is not...  

This is one of the first 'complicated' block I made! (It was complicated for a newbie!!!) It was supposed to be a pair of potholders, but instead they (2 blocks) ended up hidden somewhere! :)) Guess who hid them?! I did, because I didn't like them! :)

Another 'complicated-newbie-block' - lol! They were supposed to be a pair of potholders too, but I hid them! :)) There are a few other 'error-blocks' too, and some log cabin blocks. I found it difficult to throw the blocks, instead I added them to this quilt.
The quilt police should not come and have a look - lol!  

Part of the quilting. I did FMQ on the roosters, because I found that piece was too big to do crosshatch quilting, which I have done on the other squares and rectangles.
I washed the quilt in the washing machine - 40C/104F - to remove pen marks. I love that crinkled look! :)

Approved!!! :))

UFO #6 (this year) finished!
I started this baby/toddler quilt at the end of last year, if not mistaken, but never got it right. I had to put it away for some months, to see if I got some better ideas how to proceed. I got the idea how to make it, after half a sleepless night. I got it out from its hiding place; the shelf, and it took only a few days to finish it. :)

Close-up of the sheep. :) 

The backing. I've used two different flannels, to make it a little bit more interesting. :) Well, the truth is; I didn't have enough of the 'elephants'! :) I used leftover fabrics for the binding.  

Since it went so well with the UFO baby/toddler quilt, and since I had enough fabrics for another quilt.... well.... I made another one! :) The pattern is different, but I have used exactly the same fabrics, even the white tone-on-tone is the same.

I've done FMQ on this one, using two different yellow threads; Superior's King Tut, a very light yellow on the white tone-on-tone and a bit darker on the colored pieces. 

The odd sheep, here on blue background.

Fabric used; Sherbets Amazing Garden from Red Rooster.
The backing; I've used one piece of very light blue flannel.
Binding; 'strawberry' from Moda Marbles.
Batting; Hobbs Heirloom 80% cotton/20% polyester.
Both baby/toddler quilts are machine washed on 40C /104F.


QuiltSue said...

You have been busy! I love the idea of the scrappy backing becoming a quilt in it's own right.

Hilde said...

Flotte quilter du har sydd ferdig. Bra at det ikke ble ett bakstykke, er jo en fin fremside.....

Lainee said...

Great way to use some of my orphan experiment blocks! Also, I really enjoyed reading your other blog...the bean fritters look interesting.

karenfae said...

I had noticed that you hadn't blogged for awhile - you have been busy haven't you! Even though you were going to use the first quilt as a backing I think it is great as it's own quilt. It is amazing what we can do with our blocks.

zarina said...

You can actually call the messy quilt - a sampler? it is a great idea to throw in all the unwanted blocks.

The two baby quilts - have identical fabric but with different layout, you can never tell. Good work Astrid.

Elisabeth said...

Så skönt för dig att bli färdig med quiltarna :-) Bra jobbat.


PJs Lapperier. said...

Tack för titten. Så härligt att du sytt klart dessa quiltar. De blev så fina.

Dirt Lover said...

Beautiful quilts! Love the back that turned into a quilt. Glad to see that your little quilt blocks were added into the mix. They will be just fine! You have been very busy! I was looking at my sewing corner last week, that has turned into a storage area for my clean laundry. I thought of you, and how much you get done, and started putting away clean laundry! Now just a little more to do before I get back to quilting.

Gudveig said...

Flotte tepper! Må være deilig å få ferdig så mange ufoer...