Friday, September 2, 2011

Gnome in my postage stamp blocks

I need a break! :)
I'm totally obsessed by those small 2.5 inch / 6cm squares and have been cutting, sewing, cutting, sewing for hours today. It's fun, fun, fun - and I'm sure it is addictive! :0

How did this happen?! Where is the gnome who did it?! It can't be me - huh?!

Well, this should not happen; two of the same fabric next to each other! I think I'm a bit dizzy with all those strips sewn together and I don't always see how it is going to look like... I discovered it when I was going to piece the blocks together.
I said to hubby; 'I'll have to change those squares!'
Hubby; 'No, it's not needed, nobody will see it when the quilt is done'.
I said; 'Yes, but it will haunt me forever!'
And I know I was right; it will annoy me to death if I hadn't changed it! :) I did change it!
The two greens are not good either, too near each other, but those I didn't bother to change since they are not next to each other as the two light yellow fabrics.

This is what I've been doing since my previous post. This is the center piece. I'm not going to make the entire quilt of 2.5 inch squares - I have another plan in mind, which is a secret - until my next post! :)

Off to cut more fabric! :) I've pulled out the few browns I have and amazingly I did find the perfect one! :)


Karen said...

You are being so patient with all those small pieces!
I agree with changing the blocks. There is no point in leaving it if it is going to annoy you.
Good luck with the next stage.

Coloradolady said...

Oh, what a pretty color combination. Thank you for your comment on my quilt...I have two seams left to sew today, press and I think I am finished with the top, just need to get the back done! This has taken me FOREVER....I used a different fabric for each square. Shamefully...(LOL) I begged for scraps on my blog and low and behold, I got scraps from literally all over the world. So when I am done I will have around 5800 unique squares in this quilt....I am so glad to be almost ready to have this one quilted! I can not wait to see yours as you progress! So nice meeting you!!

karenfae said...

LOL - I have done that too, change a piece after some is sewed - it drove me crazy, my eye kept going to it. Hubby was right though - no one else would have noticed but you.

Trines hobby said...

Nydelig! Et slikt teppe krever stor tålmodighet, du kan være stolt av resultatet. Jeg venter spent på fortsettelsen:) God helg! Trine

Anonymous said...

Nice start!! I keep my squares in 4 bins, one for each quarter of the quilt. That way I get less chance of duplicates. It helps that my two inch pieces are cut from over 2500 fabrics! Love you colors, Astrid! Postage stamps are addictive though.

Mary, The Curious Quilter

PJs Lapperier. said...

wow!! vad flott det blir!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Good on you Astird...and what a nice addiction!!!

Elzaan said...

Great project! I wonder what is going on in your head with the rest of the project...? Great work so far. Luckily you have Hubby to cook dinner :)

Bev C said...

Hello Astrid,

Just lovely, good luck with it. Yes, I would have changed it too.
Happy days.