Monday, October 24, 2011

NNC Mug Rug Swap 2011

There are never a boring month at NNC
Do you know why? Because there are always some swaps (exchanges) going on! :)
Earlier this year I signed up for the secret mug rug swap.

I had no idea who was my secret swap partner, I couldn't even guess! 
I've signed up for the 'block swap' too (that will be another post soon) and when Janet in Malaysia informed me the blocks were sent, I didn't dream of that included in the parcel was the mug rug too! :)
Here's the mug rug from Janet! As you can see, it is 'written' CAFE in the middle - very cute, Janet! 

Together with the mug rug and as the requirement (coffee or tea bags), there are two bags of white coffee from IPOH in Malaysia! Ever since I became a member of NNC, I've been dying to taste the white coffee - coffee lover as I am - but I have been too shy asking somebody to send me a sample! Now I've got it! But I still haven't tasted it - LOL! :) I couldn't help it but take photos of the coffee bags, because I love the way the they look! 

Janet, be sure I'll find the right day and right moment to enjoy the cuppa!
Thank you so very much!

My secret swap partner was Paul in Malaysia, and here's the mug rug I made for him. I tried to make it a bit 'manly', hope I succeeded! :)  

I decided to make a matching tea tote for the tea bags...

... and I included two small pieces of fabric in the colors I know Paul loves! :)

Read about the mug rug swap on Paul's blog here.

And not to forget; a huge thank you to 'headmistress' MW for hosting the swap!
Thank you MW! Lots of fun!



karenfae said...

I have never thought to have my coffee with the sweetened condensed milk - I do use cream and sugar in my coffee - maybe a spoonful of that would have the same results? How do you like the white coffee - I had not heard of it.

zarina said...

Le (a common way we communicate), we were talking about the White Coffee and you must have been drooling. Ok - NNC members, next time you have Astrid as your partner for any exchange, add some White Coffee.

Janet C said...

You're welcome!
Remember, you just need to add hot water only to the coffee. I hope you like them!

PJs Lapperier. said...

Så läckra mugrugs...kul med tepåsefodralet.