Thursday, March 1, 2012

Working on UFO's and other projects

I've been working hard on the UFO's over the last days. The weather is nasty, yet wonderful; RAIN, which we badly need for the reservoirs. What's better to sit in front of the sewing machine; SEW! :)
At the end of last year I purchased backing fabrics for the Christmas/winter UFO's. Four table runners/toppers and a small wall quilt is almost done; I've left to hand stitch the binding and I think I'll have to hand quilt the pictures... I've not done any quilting to the squares in the center.... As they are now, they look unfinished without any quilting... I ran out of fabric for the binding of 2 out of 6 place mats!  Fortunate I found the fabric at eBay, so it should be on its way one of the first days.

February has been extremely hot and humid, even here on the higher grounds. I haven't felt for much activity, the best of all was just to relax and do some stitching.
This is one out of twelve blocks... The piece of paper top left is the number of the block... I have to mark the blocks to know where to place them and also to know I won't get the same fabric next to each other.  I have collected some rose / peon fabrics, which I'm using for this project.

A little sneak peak; the bunny table topper. I got fabric for the backing yesterday, just to get going with that one too. This is not a UFO, it's made this year.

Raining cats and dogs yesterday, so this is what I did most of the day; quilted the 'Postage Stamp' quilt. Now it is ready for the binding.

Earlier this year I made some HST (half square triangles) for a baby/toddler quilt, but I didn't have enough fabric for even the smallest baby quilt size. Fortunate I was able to get more of the fabrics and it landed in my mailbox yesterday.
Silly me did a mistake when ordering... :( The fabric to the left was meant to be backing for the quilt, but it is twill! :(( I didn't notice when I placed the order! I checked again and it is stated very clearly (web shop) that it is twill... Oh well, I can always use it for something else... The three fabrics in the middle is for this quilt and the two blues to the right are for the blue quilt I'm working on...

 Aren't these yummy?! I didn't really need them - 2 charm packs; Summer Breeze - but they were too pretty to be left in the shop - lol! :) You can see more of the fabrics here. I am on SSD (Strict Stash Diet) this year - try to buy only what I need - but I'm not sure I'll be able to resist buying more of those fabrics - perhaps a couple of layer cakes - they are just too yummy! :)
The colors on this photo is a bit dark.... If you click on the link above, you'll get a better idea of the colors.

That's all for today... I'm off to do the binding on the 'Postage Stamp' quilt... :)



Elzaan said...

You are nice and busy in this lovely wheather we are having. Only wish I had the time to sit down with my quilts.
Lovely fabrics you bought. Love those precuts!

PJs Lapperier said...

Så flitig du är!
Twill-tyget kan du alltid sy en skötväska till babyn. Det är stadigt och bra.

Här är det regn och +3grader. Men MARS är VÅRMÅNADEN och det är härlig att äntligen möta ljuset.

Fleurette said...

The stitchery is lovely and I love your postage stamp quilt. It's so uncomfortable here too, wish we had some rain.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

yes when it rains it is nice to sit and quilt.

Karen said...

Lots of finishes and that lovely Christmas fabric we both love!
Wow - all the quilting on the postage stamp quilt done. Good luck with the binding.
Nice collection of fabric, too.

quilton said...

Oh, dear, Astrid, I did the same thing for a backing one time. I ordered a knit. The quilt is still sitting there, but hopefully next week I'll get to quilting it. Love your bunny project.

Quiltgal said...

Astrid, I sure love your bunny quilt, it so reminds me of Beatrice Potter and all of her lovely Bunny creatures. Last summer we had a bunny give birth to 4 babies in our yard. They were discovered by our dog who was sniffing a small pile of grass and leaves and my husband went out to investigate. The babies were there for about a week and the dog never bothered them by lay by the nest during the day minding them.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

It's hard not to buy fabric isn't it Astrid...I am finding this...your projects are wonderful!!!

Dirt Lover said...

Oh, how can we resist the pull of buying fabric?? Your selections were beautiful, and I love seeing what you do with your fabric. Thanks for the peek at your projects!

Bev C said...

Hello Astrid,

Just love the block with the stitchery on it. Lovely pre-cuts you purchased.
happy days.

Joanne said...

Hi there! Haven't been blog-visiting in a long time so thought I would look up old friends as I start back up. Loved your Etsy store ... your pattern, color and fabric choices for everything are so very pretty. I had to laugh at you UFOs ... it seems no matter how much time we spend at the machine, there is always a stack of UFOs waiting patiently for us to finish. I recently started working on mine too. See you around more often now.