Sunday, August 4, 2013

Santa Claus Advent Calendar and Autumn Mini Wall Hanging

The Santa Claus Advent Calendar is finally done!
This is a Nancy Halvorsen panel that has been sitting here for a few years. Yes, years.............. I bought it because it looks gorgeous, but I never got around to make it!  

It looks like it is fast and easy to make, but there are lots of details.
There are 24 ornaments and each ornament is bonded with fusible web and black felt for durability. Each ornament had to be cut out nicely and pearl cotton had to be added to each for the hanging. 24 red buttons are added to the tree to add the ornaments for each day.
I have FMQ using matching quilting thread, details are outlined and stitch-in-the-ditch. 

I added one row with squares and 24 black buttons are added to this row. The ornaments can be hung here while waiting for them to be added to the Christmas tree.

The 24 ornaments neatly cut out

A fall mini wall hanging. It measures 14 inch square / 35.5 x 35.5 cm

Last week I pulled out more Debbie Mumm fabrics from the shelf! I have made four placemats, which is ready to be quilted. The plan was to do that today, but I ended up doing other things. :) 


Liv Aagot's Quilt Blog said...

Your advent calender is really gorgeous! So many lovely details. I like your little fall quilt too :)

Sheri said...

Love your blog post. I can see how the advent calendar would seem easy but it has so many details that are so time consuming! Congratulations on completing it! It's beautiful, as is your little fall wall hanging.I fell in love with quilting almost 3 years ago and while I love it, it sort of dominates my life (I'm such an all or nothing person-- it's so hard to have moderation in all things, as they say!)

Hilachas said...

I love that Advent Calendar. It does look like a lot of work, but definitely worth it. That fall wall hanging is gorgeous as well.

Carrie P. said...

Oh, those two quilts are fabulous! those little ornaments are cute.

InGa said...

Your ornament Santa is just very cute. :-)
Beautiful work.
Flott arbeide!!
Myyye jobb i denne. Lykke til med bloghoppen. Jeg har stått over denne gangen, fikk ikke tid.
Varme hilsener fra Skåne.