Friday, March 13, 2015

Quiltsy Cares Charity Quilts - March 2015, week 1

March 21, 2015 is the National Quilting Day. 

Quiltsy Team on Etsy (where I'm a proud member) is celebrating the National Quilting Day by doing a month of Charity Quilts. There are 31 Quiltsy Team members who have signed up to participate this month. 

Donations Week #1

March 1; Vivian of Egg Money Quilts Vivian supports Hanna House, a Christ Central Ministry. More to read on the Quiltsy Team Blog
These are the quilts Vivian donated

March 2; Lily Sweeney of The Batty Quilter. Lily supports Quilts of Valor - handmade quilts for veterans.
Read more about Lily and Quilts of Valor here

March 3; Pamela Boatright of Pamela Quilts Pamela's charity is The Calliope Joy Foundation and you can read more about Pamela here
Here is Pamela's gorgeous cup cake quilt.

March 4; Kathy Gaines of Annie Kate's Quilts Kathy (and her guild) likes to make baby quilts and her donation goes to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN  You can learn more about Kathy here
Here is Kathy's beautiful donation

March 5; Sue Simpson of Back Pocket Design Sue has chosen to donate a cute pillow to No More Sidelines 
Learn more about Sue here

March 6; Phyllis Pharis of Jambearies Phyllis' donation goes to Project Linus-Home
Learn more about Phyllis here
Here's the cute baby quilt Phyllis donated

March 7; Anonymous. This beautiful pinwheel quilt is donated to Project Linus-Home
More about the donation here

March 8; Nina of Birdsong Quilts  Nina has donated a patchwork quilt called 'ABC Baby Quilt' to Project Linus-Home. Learn more about Nina here
No photo of her donated quilt, but here's a beautiful table runner from her shop


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Barb Neiwert said...

What a lot of love and caring going into all those projects. Awesome!

Sues said...

Great post Astrid!!! Thanks so much. #quiltsycares

Sally said...



GENEROUS Donations


Can't wait for next week!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

such lovely quilts!

teachpany said...

It's a great team, and a great way to find out more about our friends, and their charities!

Unknown said...

Astrid, what a nice summary of the week's blog posts! Thanks for sharing it!

Jennifer said...

Nicely done, Astrid. Thank you!