Saturday, November 28, 2015

Addicted to charms / Postage Stamp Quilts

Confession; charm addiction! 
Yes, I think I am addicted to these tiny squares. Every time I have a finished item, small pieces of leftover fabrics are cut into squares. The sizes vary from 1.5" up to 5", depending on how much fabric is left. I don't cut bigger pieces though, they can always be used for other projects. 

I'm also participating in Postage Stamp Charm Swap 2015 - organized by The Curious Quilter - and due to a delay, 1300 charms are now finding their new home in the US. 

Yesterday I received 200 2.5" charms together with a cute owl card,  from the US

Thank you, Glenda and Snow! 
Still more to come! Can't wait! :)

In between other projects, I have been piecing together 2.5" charms and finally had enough for a twin or double quilt.
These charms are all from previous swaps. Since this photo was taken, I have added the border on the right side and am working on the border for the top and bottom. 

... and here's my helper.... errrr..... QUALITY CONTROLLER! 

... what else to do while waiting for his dinner?! :)

I swap 2" and 2.5" charms, and so far I have worked with 2.5" only. I've been curious how to work with 1.5" charms and decided to give it a try

These are 1.5" charms - 1" sewn into quilt. 
This is a project that will take F-O-R-E-V-E-R, I know! I have a couple of shoe boxes full of 1.5" strips so I'm going to use some of them for this project. That means more cutting, but since I love cutting it will be a nice break from sewing. :) 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

beautiful the design of the quilt

Unknown said...

Hopefully your helper/quality controller is satisfied with your work!!! I absolutely adore that postage stamp quilt of yours. Take care and regards to hubby.

Phyllis Pharis said...

Oh Astrid! It's nice to see that your brand of crazy gets put to such good use! 1.5" squares?!! I will admit, you've swayed me to the possibility of MAYBE doing one in 5" or 2.5".... Yours always turn out so lovely! Thanks for sharing :)

Chantal L. said...

Wow! Love this quilt. Great job! ;^)

Anonymous said...

That is a great setting for your charms. The Quality Controller is certainly studying it closely. Hope it gets his approval.

Karen S said...

I admire your patience with all these tiny pieces. I love seeing what you make.

Elzaan said...

You are indeed a charm addict! Hope you enjoy playing with your tiny, tiny pieces. One day I will get there too.
Beautiful quilt, though :)