Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas gifts 2009

I know! I know! Christmas 2009 is history, so you may wonder why I'm talking about Christmas again - don't you?! :) Well, I was going through some photos on my computer today and remembered I have not showed you some of the Christmas gifts I made...

Here's a pair of potholders and a seed bag for my dear penfriend Anne-Melissa in Canada.

A storage bag for another dear friend; Grit in Germany. She received a pair of potholders too - take a look here.

Storage bag for another dear penfriend; Waltraud in Germany.

And finally; a pair of potholders to my dear childhood friend Johnny in Norway.

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Dirt Lover said...

Oh, my! You were busy! Nice job, and so nice for your friends, too. Handmade gifts are always appreciated.