Friday, January 15, 2010

UFO #1 / OPAM #1

I'm still here, even if I haven't posted anything the last couple of weeks. I have been extremely busy, working on some UFO's that I have decided to finish before I start any new projects! Wow - you may say!!! Yes, I say the same, because I am not sure I'm able to live up to that. But at least it is my intentions!

My first UFO 2010 is finished! :) Julie at Quilt Scandinavia is the one who arranges "5 before 5", which means the members (those who want to) have to finish at least 5 UFO's (projects started before January 1st 2010) before May 1st 2010. More than 5 projects done and you may be the lucky winner! I'm not sure how many I will be able to finish, but I should do at least 5. Take a look at the side bar and you'll see my listed UFO's. This is also my first OPAM, arranged by Kris and Peg. (Sorry, the OPAM is now closed!)

Do you remember I made this and this quilt last year? When I worked on them, I also made 14 small blocks with the little houses in the middle. At that time I didn't know what to make out of the blocks and they were put aside... When I got to know there's a "5 before 5" this year too, I pulled out all my UFO's and my brain started spinning! :) I spent a few days figuring out what to make of the blocks, and here's the first result; a small wall quilt. I've used 2 of the 14 blocks for this quilt, but I'm not going to tell you now what the other 12 have turned out to be! :)

Another quilt I started working on last year, is the zigzag quilt. I can't believe I started on it back in June last year... Time to get it finished! It has taken me some time to figure out how to quilt it, and in the end I decided to stitch in the ditch in all seams. I worked on it almost the whole yesterday's evening and continued this morning. It went fairly fast. Now I have left to do the binding, which I hopefully will do as first priority!

Birre-Liten isn't quite sure what to do; go out or stay inside. On the ironing board you can see some place mats where I have left to hand stitch the binding.
More UFO's and OPAM's to come! :)


karenfae said...

good luck Astrid on all those UFO's it is hard sometimes to get caught up!! I have so many that need to be quilted I must stop making tops so I can do the quilting but I don't want to stop with the tops!!

pegsplace said...

You have just motivated me to get out a quilt that NEEDS finishing! Thanks Astrid! I love the wallhanging and the zig zag! I am going to get dressed right now and pull out what I am thinking of doing, take a picture and post it on my blog before the day is out ;)....far away friends don't realize how they are helping people!


Sharon said...

I was thinking, a pair of the wall quilt would look great as a headboard!
You still amaze me with all your quilting/crafting skills, keep it up;)

Sharon said...

Cute wall-hanging! You have a nice list of UFOs and a good start at completing them! I'm not listing my UFOs for the public to see! LOL What a great idea 5 by 5 is!

Mrs Moen said...

Hi Astrid! Good luck on your mission to finish stuff; it sure feels good to get them done. Challenges do help you to stay motivated.
My to-do-list for 2010 was growing so fast (and everything had to get done NOW), that I had to let go of some planned projects. When quilting becomes more about should-haves, it sucks the fun right of out it.
Congratuations on accomplishing so much already!

Hannele said...

Beautiful zigzag quilt!

Astrid said...

Thanks for your lovely comments! Sorry I'm late in getting back on this post, busy sewing. :) Yes Sharon, I have thought of a quilt for the headboard, but the camera I have now is not good at closer photos... I'll see what to do! Thanks for your suggestion! I'm glad I'm able to motivate you Peggy! :) It just feels so good doing these UFO's!