Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthday, CTS, New Project ect

My birthday came - and went... One year added to my age - should I feel any difference? No, I don't - as long as I'm young at heart... etc. The only difference I have noticed over the years is my body going downhill... No, perhaps I shouldn't say it like that, but - the fact is I have to realize I'm not 20 anymore! :))

I didn't have a birthday party... but I did make a cake!

I have always wanted to make 'black forest' cake, which is a chocolate cake with cherries.
I don't know how many shops I've been to, asking for cherries in sugar syrup (tins), but the only cherries I get here, is frosted (?) cherries, which is not the same! 
On my birthday itself, we went to Curepipe - the town on the plateau. Brr - it was cold up there! We went there because I wanted to have a look for flannel and I had to buy floss for the Christmas tree skirt (CTS). We decided to go to the supermarket there too, and guess what I found?! Yes, cherries in sugar syrup (tins)!!! It wasn't the dark, sour cherries that is used for the cake - but at least it was CHERRIES!!! :)
I didn't fancy decorating the cake as the photo on the recipe. To make the cake layers juicier, I used a mix of the sugar syrup and cocoa liqueur! My gosh it turned out so yummy! I think it's the tastiest cake I've ever made! 
If you'd like to try, here's the recipe. 

NNC craft group is known for its activity. :)) This year I've signed up for the birthday gift exchange, and I received such a wonderful gift from Diane (no blog). 
I'm always worried when parcels go through the custom; I've had some bad experiences where they have not treated parcels very carefully at all! :(
This is how the gifts looked like after they were opened by the custom. To my 'surprise' they did manage to re wrap the gifts, except one - perhaps it was too complicated??!!

Even the card was opened.....

...which I think is to invade ones privacy!

And here - at last - are the lovely gifts I received from Diane;

12,5 inch square ruler, marking pen, some cute charm packs, some precut cat fabrics (I collect cat fabric for a lap quilt) and a darling bell pull! What a gorgeous birthday gift!!!

A close up of the bell pull - isn't it gorgeous?! I love it!
Dear Diane, THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY MUCH!!! I love it all! :) And a thank you to Margaret (no blog) at NNC for arranging the birthday gift exchange!


I've been working on the Christmas tree skirt over the last days. There are 8 blocks (4 of each) to be applique, and here's the third one almost done. I ran out of floss and since none of the craft shops here in town have that specific color, I have to go to the neighbor town...



I think I was sort of bored during the weekend... I've started a new project!!!
I intended not too, but since I didn't have more floss for the CTS, it was too tempting.... For some months a layer cake and jelly roll have been staring at me... I've stared at them too... Perhaps they didn't want to stay in that plastic bag anymore... they wanted to be turned into a project - I guess! :)
These were the first layer cake and jelly roll I've ever bought. I think I bought it more out of curiosity, because I didn't bother that much about the color... What was more important; they were 50% off full price - how to resist?!
The collection is 'Hello Betty' by Chloe's Closet.
On Friday I gave in.....

Here it is - on the kitchen floor. It wasn't easy to place the blocks and sashing, but I'm quite content with this layout. Yesterday I managed to add one row of the blocks together.
I don't like it that much; the colors don't appeal to me.... but I still hope to finish it - not let it turn out to be a UFO!


Notjustnat said...

Happy Birthday Dearest Astrid. Is your birthday the same day as Queen E? The black forest looks great and I believed it's yummy. Received parcel just in time for your birthday too - Enjoy - Hugs Nat

karenfae said...

you have been busy! Happy Birthday to you and it sounds like you had a great day and a wonderful tasty cake - yummy. Too bad customs goes through the packages so much - it does seem an invasion of privacy to even open the card though! What a wonderful set of presents that your pal sent you.

Michelle said...

First off, belated Happy Birthday!

Secondly, that Christmas tree skirt block is fantastic!

And third, I'm glad you couldn't resist starting a new project. Your jelly roll/layer cake quilt is shaping up beautifully. :-)

Heather said...

That cake looks great. Happy belated birthday.

Kjerstis løse tråder said...

Gratulerer med dagen! Og FOR en kake!! Den så god ut.

Anonymous said...

The cake looks delicious, moist...just my kind. Glad you found the cherries! What a loot! You were spoiled! So sad for the lack of courtesy from customs. I love, love, love your applique. Are you doing it buy hand with the buttonhole stitch! So nice! Such beautiful work!


PJs Lapperier. said...

Grattis igen... Kakan ser helt underbart frestande god ut!
Jamen, så fräckt av tullen att öppna kortet.
Hmmm...NEJ...kämpa på...låt blocken bli sammansydda...alltså ...inget UFO.

Joanne said...

Your new project is great! Those are not colors I would chose either but I love the way they come together in the quilt. It is very pretty & looks very retro. I have been doing the layer cake & charm pack thing bec it has helped to challenge me to use new colors and color combinations. It is fun ... broadening my color horizons. Cheers to you !
P.S. I want a piece of that scrumscious (spelling?) looking cake!!!

Fleurette said...

Happy belated birthday! that cake looks delicious.The applique block is beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Moen said...

Gratulere med vel overstått fødselsdag, Astrid! Kaken ser kjempelekker ut.-)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Astrid
Happy Birthday to you
Wishing you a very happy belated birthday...mmmm, that cake looks delicious...Dzintra♥x