Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CTS finished! And - before - and after

I haven't posted for approx 2 weeks... One of the reasons for that was no Internet connection from Sunday morning to Thursday midday last week... When it finally got connected again, it took me quite some time to clear e-mails and go through other things. Isn't it amazing how we sort of get addicted to the net? I love to read blogs, something I couldn't do for five days! We also have a terrible slow connection at times, and it happens quite often i.e. photos on blogs do not load at all - very frustrating! Sorry blogger friends! This is why I haven't made any comments to any of you, but I hope to read your newest posts as soon as possible. First of all I want to share with you what I've done the last couple of weeks.

I've finished the Christmas tree skirt! :) I love the way it turned out! This is a gift for my dear friend Johnny. He knows about it - no secret! :)

The angle block, where it is written; "come let us adore him". It's not very visible on the photo, but there are four red seed beads in the angle's halo.

Detail of the corner block.

I don't have any plans making more Christmas related quilts, but one thing I've always wanted to do is a Christmas card holder. I think I'll do that nearer to Christmas - now I have to concentrate on other projects. First of all I have to finish a secret birthday swap gift, next is a 9-patch block swap and some Christmas/Winter related ornaments; cross-stitching as well as any other crafts (for the ornament swaps). Oh, and there's a tea coaster swap too....... Boy, it's going to keep me busy! :))


Ever since last year I realized I need more space for my stash, but never got around buying anything. We did have a look around though, but what we found was either not suitable or too expensive. On this photo I have just emptied the blue closet (in the background) and moved it from the opposite wall.


Part of the stash that was inside the closet.

I don't have a photo of the couch "before", but it was filled with stash and place for one person to sit only! :)

A couple of weeks ago we went to a furniture shop, where they sell bookshelves made of pine. The displayed shelves had a dept of 18 cm only, which wasn't deep enough to my use. They offered to make the shelves with the dept I needed - 30 cm - which was just so great! The sales woman said it'll take approx 2 weeks.... It took five days!!!
We weren't satisfied with the way the shelves were delivered; the driver said they had called in the morning, where the one who had answered said that's OK... I do wonder who they called, because we did not receive any calls from them! Then it was a problem with payment... We had already paid 50%, the rest was supposed to be paid on delivery. First the driver didn't want to accept a cheque (we didn't have the required amount in cash, because we didn't know they were coming!), but in the end - after some minutes "discussion" - the cheque was accepted! Well, that was unnecessary, but all in all I'm happy the shelves arrived that fast!


HURRAY!!! I can finally SEE the couch again! lol!
I transferred all the craft related books- and magazines from another shelf and the stored books in the wardrobe to the "old" shelf. These are the two new shelves. What is stored of fabrics (in the shelves) had its place on the couch! It looks so much airier and tidy now - just can't believe it! The blue closet is filled to the brim with fabrics too - on the opposite wall.
Even hubby says it looks too tidy now! Lolol!  


Notjustnat said...

Hi Astrid, I was just thinking today that I haven't seen you for awhile. Yes, about two weeks. I thought I missed your post! No internet, that no good. I hope we don't have to live without it forever. You have been busy finishing things. Tidy up is a good thing. I can't see mine couch either, but can't clear it up until I finish the projects on it ha! Good to have you back - Hugs Nat

karenfae said...

Astrid I had been noticing lately that you had not been writing and wondered what was going on with you. It is nice to have your sewing area shape up and be nice and neat isn't it. Sorry you lost connection with the internet for awhile - when we are so used to it it does seem to bother us doesn't it.

Michelle said...

I'd wondered what happened to you Astrid! Glad you are back in cyberland with us. :-)

The Christmas skirt is just lovely--all that beautiful applique.

And your new shelves look just perfect. It's always nice to be able to get organized.

Mrs Moen said...

Congratulations on finshing the darling tree skirt - and on your great new shelves! Proper fabric storage makes a lot of difference; it looks prettier and is way much easier to find what you're looking for.-)

Dirt Lover said...

Astrid, happy to hear that you are ok. I had missed you, and glad you are back! Looks like you spent your "offline" time wisely, though. How nice it will be to have all your stuff organized and in a central location. Nice Christmas tree skirt. I'm sure your friend will be happy to receive it.

ria vogelzang said...

So glad to hear from you!!
Love your Chrismas tree skirt!! I also want to make something like that once. I allready have a book about it! :)))
And your new bookshelves are great!! What a space!! And ofcourse you have your blue closet filled to the brim.........!!! :)))
Because we quilters, just love fabrics and can't do without!!!!
Enjoy your day!!
Love, Ria.

Elzaan said...

The CTS looks lovely! Great job!!! It is always wonderful to rearrange one's work space - you descover something you "lost" or forgotten. The shelves look great!

pegsplace said...

Quite the stash Astrid! We accumulate so much and it is hard to organize without the right furniture! I really love your bookshelves! I need something like this in my livingroom; I finally have the sewing room ALMOST like I want it. I love the tree skirt. I hope Johnny will enjoy many Christmases with it!


The Heart of Paul said...

Wow on that Christmas Tree skirt! What a lot of patience you must have for the applique.