Friday, June 4, 2010

New York Beauty and Christmas Tree Skirt

Ever since I discovered Michelle's blog, I've been drooling over her 'New York Beauty' quilt! It's gorgeous!!!
Curious to find out 'how did she do that', I was too tempted not to try myself! This is a quilt I definitely will put on my 'bucket' list. If you don't know what a bucket list is (I didn't know...), read this post. :)

I've decided to use batiks for this quilt. I was wondering; 'do I have enough batik for a bed cover quilt', so I dived into my stash... I knew I had bought some blues and pinks, but I had completely forgotten the rest - BLUSH!

Who said I didn't have batiks?! BLUSH - again! A plastic bag full of batiks, but... I would like some more bright colors, so I had to purchase a few yards yellows and reds, and a few more blues - just like I don't have enough blues... It's just that I LOVE blues!

Here's what I've started. (The green is not as 'yellow' as the photo shows). I'll do paper piecing on this part of the blocks.

Darn curves - something I've never done before! Look at all those pins!

Adding it to the paper pieced part.

I've done two blocks - 6 inch square. I have used the same 6 fabrics for both blocks, reversed them for the second block. Isn't it amazing how the choice of fabric placements changes a block completely? The total size of the block - when four  6 inch blocks are sewn together - is 12 inch. 
Perhaps I'll make a bed cover - haven't decided yet... These blocks are not done in a jiffy - at least not for me - the 'New York Beauty Newbie'! :)) 

Working on the Christmas Tree Skirt goes rather slow...

Here I've 'glued' the pieces for the angel and it's ready to be stitched, using blanket stitches.
Actually I stitched two angels (altogether 4) yesterday - after I took the photo.
I've cut out all the small pieces for the manger too, but I have yet to do Joseph's coat - have to find the 'right' fabric! :))


karenfae said...

Wonderful! I have always wanted to do a New York Beauty also and have not gotten around to it - one day. I checked out that blog and she does beautiful work. How many quilts are you making right now :)

Dirt Lover said...

Hi Astrid, The New York Beauty is such a labor intensive quilt. It looks like you have gotten a great start on it! Not very many people I know would be able to make one, but I think you could do it. Keep us posted on how it is going, ok?
Your little angel is quite cute.

Fleurette said...

Your blocks turned out great!

Michelle said...

Oh Astrid, those blocks are just gorgeous! The batiks are going to be simply yummy. I'm just so tickled that you dove right in. Now that's what I call getting started on a bucket list!

And you're right, they're not done in a jiffy, but hey, art takes time. :-)

PJs Lapperier. said...

Ohhhhh vad vackra NY-B-block!!!