Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little of this - a little of that

I wanted to do a post some days ago, but then I thought; I have nothing to show and tell, because I haven't sewn much lately - just a little bit... 

I think I'll start with something that makes me quite excited!

A fun swap - a fun contest!
Click HERE to read more about the swap/contest and to sign up.


I have done a little bit sewing over the last days though; tea coasters for an exchange. It's not a secret exchange this time, but I don't want to spoil the suspense by showing it before my exchange partner Usha in Malaysia has received it. :)

The last couple of days I've sewn a few more blocks for the Polar Bear quilt.

I still haven't decided how the quilt is going to be... I'll make some different blocks and then trying to figure out a design.

I like these blocks; Arkansas snowflakes - as they are called.


I participated in NNC's birthday exchange 2010. You can read more about the wonderful gift I received from Diane (no blog) here.
My birthday partner is Alynn over at My Cross-Stitch World.
Since this is a secret exchange, the participants don't know who their partner is until the parcel arrives. I was quite mean to Alynn - I sent the parcel approx one month before her birthday, so the poor girl had to live in suspense for weeks before she was allowed to open the secret gift! :)

I made a table runner for Alynn.

A close up...

You have guessed right; Alynn's favorite color is purple! :)
There's a little story behind the table runner; I spent weeks figuring out what to make, and in the end I decided on two different blocks. The set-in parts in the lilies were a little bit tricky - I made only one mistake (that went into the bin!). :))
My intention was not to make it as big as it turned out to be, but taking the lilies pattern into consideration, I believe it had been difficult (at least for me!) to make the blocks smaller. (Total size: approx 18 x 49 inch / 0.45 x 1.25m).
I forgot to take photos of the other small gifts, but over at Alynn's blog you can see what she got from me as well as read more about it. 
I'm glad you like it, Alynn! :)  


Have you ever tasted zucchini brownies? Or apple brownies?
 I'm a follower of Lori's blog, and this is the second time I'm trying one of her recipes. I tried the zucchini brownie recipe; it turned out delicious! Lori, thanks for sharing the recipe!
Click here for the recipe.
(I forgot to take a photo!)


Elisabeth said...

So fun to have exchange friends.
Love your table runner for Alynn. Can´t wait to see the Polar Bear quilt finished.
Have a nice day :-)


ria vogelzang said...

Did I just hear you say..... that you had nothing to show us....... :)))
What I see is just beautiful!!
You did a lovely job on the tablerunner; I really like your cute Polar Bear quiltblocks!!
Enjoy your sewing!!
And a hug from Holland!

Sharon said...

The table runner is stunning!!

Huisvlyt said...

Oh, I just love the table runner. Well done on the piecing! Can't wait for the polar bear quilt to be finished - am very curios to see what it will look like.

karenfae said...

you have been busy. I'm looking at your sidebar and see all of the DONE in red - I need to get busy. I love brownies with other things in them then the normal ingredients so I will give them a try.
I like you new header on the blog.

Notjustnat said...

I feel like that sometimes too with blogging. I don't have anything to show off! I like your table runner. You did a great job quilting it too - thanks for sharing the brownie recipe I like brownie too - Hugs Nat

The Heart of Paul said...

OH MY GOSH! I will never be able to do that!

Dirt Lover said...

I'm quite excited to see what you end up doing with the polar bear quilt. I love the colors!
I can see why Alynn loves her table runner! It's beautiful. What a happy surprise she must have had when she (finally) opened up her birthday gift. You did a great job on it.
Glad you liked the brownies. Thanks for mentioning them!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

That is a lovely tablerunner...pretty good for nothing to show us LOL!!! Dzintra♥x