Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our garden

I didn't intend blogging today, because I don't have anything crafty to show. I haven't been lazy though; I've done quite a lot, but it is top secret - until Christmas! :)

I was looking at some photos taken in our garden over the past 2-3 weeks and thought I'd share some of the beauties with you.

Clerodendrum thomsonae - Bleeding Heart vine.

Callistemom citrinus - Bottlebrush tree

Nerium Oleander - Laurier Blanc

The amazing Bougainvillea - one tree with at least three different colors.

One of our Passion Fruit trees.

Alpinia zerumbet - Fleur de mon ame/Shell ginger
Not a very good close-up, but if you click here you'll get some better images.


"Pistache Malgache".
We don't know any other name on this tree. I've searched the net without success. Searching for "Pistache Malgache" gives groundnuts......, but this is a tree nut. It's a tall tree with stunning flowers. When the big nut is ready, it "explodes" into 4 - or is it six (?) parts, and the eatable nuts inside are spread everywhere. There are about 16-20 nuts inside one huge nut.
I thought I had photos of the flowers or an open nut, but can't find any.
If there's any of you who knows this tree, please let me know.


karenfae said...

what beautiful plants and trees! so decorative and such wonderful flowers on them - they must all smell so nice.

Dirt Lover said...

Astrid, I just love to see what you are up to in your garden! It's getting colder and colder here, and it is the opposite for you! Fun to see summer with the wood stove popping and crackling. Thanks for sharing.

Catswhiskers said...

what a beautiful gardem you have.
Thanks for sharing.
Looking forward to seeing the 'top secret' designs.
Greetings from the UK and Brazil

Joanne said...

Wow !! Beautiful tropical flowers. Do the orchids grow wild there too?

Michelle said...

What beautiful flowers! We were able to grow oleander where we lived in Nevada, but it was too cold for many of those. I would have loved to have been able to grow bougainvillea. Lucky gal!

Notjustnat said...

Thanks for the lovely show and tell of your garden. I love Bougainvillea and have one in our garden. Your Begonia is looking very healthy. I love it. Pistache Malgache. I wonder if the shell will be good in the dye bath ha! Have a good weekend - Hugs Nat

QuiltSue said...

You've got some beautiful flowers there. I think my favourite would have to be your Bleeding Hearts or the Bottle Brush.

Huisvlyt said...

Think I must come visit again. I must see your garden while it is this beautiful...Suppose you see colour every where you look. In short, your garden is gorgeous!!!

Elisabeth said...

So nice to see summer flowers att this time of year. Today the last of snow was raining away for the second time this month. Det är typiskt väder för skandinavien.
Ha en trevlig vecka.

Kram Elisabeth

Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a beautiful variety of flowers, must smell lovely. Oh, how I miss the flowers already and winter has yet to begin.

Quiltbenaco said...

Che meraviglie!
Ciao Domenica

Green in Miami said...

Pistache malgache is PACHIRA GLABRA