Friday, November 5, 2010

Marion's Quilt FINISHED!

I couldn't believe I've not posted for more than two weeks! We always have some excuses for not doing what we intend to do, don't we? I don't have many excuses; I've been extremely busy, in addition to a very slow PC/Internet connection. I find it very demotivating when I'm not able to read blogs etc properly; photos don't load, impossible to watch videos/demo's etc. I googled speed tests, and out of 185 countries, Mauritius is #178!!! Hurray! Almost at the bottom; 0.56 Mb/s download speed and 0.16 Mb/s (#180 on the list) upload speed - compared to #1 on the list, South Korea; 36.03 Mb/s and 20.38 Mb/s!
I have to add to it that Blogger isn't the worst, I seldom have problems loading photos for my posts. E-mails are the worst, especially Yahoo! I hate spending valuable time on slow Internet connection - I'd rather do crafting!
Dear crafty blogging buddies, I hope you understand it is not always easy for me - due to that darn Internet connection - to read and comment on your blogs. Usually I can read the posts, but don't see the photos. At times it's impossible to make a comment too. Months ago the service provider notified the modems will be upgraded, but didn't say when or if that will have anything to say on the speed - at least let us hope!

Sidetracked! I was going to tell about a few finishes I have done over the last two weeks.
First of all - here's Marion's quilt - finished! :) This is a gift to my dear friend Johnny's mother. I've used polyester batting (don't get wool or cotton batting here), and the backing is gray flannel. Very comfy.

My intention was to give these two place mats as a Christmas gift for my friend Elisabeth (no blog) in Norway, but decided against it. It is a gift though, but not for Christmas.
Elisabeth collects everything sheep, so I thought a couple of cute lambs will make her happy! :) One of the lambs is fishing, the other one working in the garden. I have also added the letter "E" - as you can see - for Elisabeth.

Another attempt on FMQ (Free Motion Quilting). I've used Superior's King Tut variegated quilting thread. This time I tried some circles. I have to practise much more, that is what it is all about. As a newbie, it didn't turn out that bad - I think?! :)
It should be possible to click on the photos, to see better the FMQ.

I've finished some other projects too, which can't be shown now. :)


QuiltSue said...

A slow internet connection must be soo frustrating.

I love the quilt you finished and the place mats are great fun with those sheep on.

Elzaan said...

Marion's quilt looks wonderful! I love how the borders brings out the little bit of red in the log cabin blocks.
Those place mats are too cute!!! And your FMQ is getting along nicely. Soon you will be just as good as the professionals :-)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I noticed you had not been on the computer much - I think I would be discouraged from the computer also with speed being so slow. I do not watch video's on the computer as they do not run smoothly for me but I always get the pictures to load.
The quilt turned out great!!

heather said...

These are all very cute

busymum100 said...

They are just lovely. I always look forward to and enjoy your new blog entries on new quilts!!

Kjerstis løse tråder said...

beautiful as always

Shanny Khoo said...

The lambs are so CUTE! Bravo on the FMQ as well! Î don't think I'll be brave enought to do FMQ. Wait, may be its not my thing...YET! LOL!

Fleurette said...

Love the log cabin quilt and gosh you are acing fmq!!