Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Giraffes out of Africa / Recycling bag

The giraffe shopping bag is done!
The fabric is meant for curtains... When I bought it, I had in mind to make a bag. I still have fabric for one or two bags, but I don't have the same fabrics for the handles.  Ran out of the batting I used too. Checked at the shop yesterday - where I bought it - but no! Sold out and they won't get it in again! :( I'll have to find another solution though... I like this batting, because it is a bit stiff and even a tote/shopping bag gets the stiffness I like.
Well, it needs a wash! I've cross-hatched (quilted) the bag and to get the lines straight I had to use a white 'pencil' marker... Perhaps I can just wipe it off with a wet cloth... I'll have to try!
Dear girlfriend Kari taught me to sew flush zipper pockets... I know my brain is rather hard to understand sometimes; I know the best way is to practice on my own. Here is the second attempt (the opening for the zipper on the first one turned out too wide).... Only regret is that the pocket (zipper) should have been 1.5 - 2 inches further down from the top of the bag.... I'll do so when I make the other one......... Lesson learnt! :)
Does it happen that you recycle fabrics?
Last year I got new curtains for the lower ground floor. It wasn't really needed to change curtains, but since I got them from a friend I thought; why not?! I didn't really want to throw the old ones, since they are good enough to be re-used. I tried to tear them, but nothing happened! :) Good enough for shopping bags and that are something we never get enough of, isn't it?! I will definitely make a few more...
Today I'm working on the Postage Stamp Quilt again. So far today I've done 10 blocks and hope to do more before I get fed up - LOL! :)
Needed a well deserved coffee break!  


InGa said...

Oh, so nice bags you made....
I like the african pattern really good. The other one was nice as well, and re-use are just perfect.

Karen said...

Love those giraffes!!

Hilachas said...

I like those giraffes. Can't wait to see your postage stamp quilt. Are you in the current postage stamp swap?

Elzaan said...

I love the giraffes bag! That is sooooo cute.
What a way to recycle old, good, curtains. You are a clever lady.
Good luck on the PSQ - is this your second or third one you are making?

Anonymous said...

Almost all my fabrics are recycled. I buy them in secondhandstores. They could have been curtains, sheets, and so on. The fabric just have to look good, not worned out!
Gun, Sweden

Fleurette said...

Well done on your recycled bags , they are lovely.

Umm-Yara said...

Underbart tyg med giraffer - en sån väska som man blir glad av att bära omkring på!
Kram från Kristin i Borås