Friday, February 22, 2013

Devils or bad Gods in the air??

I'm quite sure there's something in the air this week or even this month! Don't know what the weather-God is up too; it has been raining almost every day this month! No doubt we are into the rainy- and cyclone season. Prediction for the next three days; RAIN! Yesterday was fairly OK, just a few showers, so I thought of gardening today... Forget about that!
This is how it looked like this morning... Corps de Garde covered in clouds - a few minutes later it started pouring down!  
Not a very good week this one... Two days ago one of our dogs slipped and fell down from the roof! She hurt her left front leg, mainly the foot/ankle. It is a little bit swollen on the joint. She jumps around on three legs and is very so eager to get out during the nights (which she is used to) to play with other dogs in the area! No way! She's under house arrest!!! We'll keep an eye on her over the weekend. If she's not able to use the front leg, we'll have to take her to the vet. She is in pain, but I believe if it had been worse, she had not been able to jump around as she does, and she had been crying... Fortunate it went as it did! It could have been worse!

 Our 'patient' is allowed to stay inside during the nights. I usually take her out just before I go to bed. I did that last night too. At 3 o'clock in the night she managed to come up one floor to our bedroom and 'tell' us she had to go out again. Hubby was snoring - or he pretended too - haha - so I got up and took her out.

No way was I able to sleep again! I spent some time reading blogs, emails etc, had my breakfast and coffee and started quilting. Quilted happily away and thought of taking our other dog for an early morning walk.... Five minutes later it started pouring down! :( Had to forget to venture out! I'm quite sure that weather-God - eh... DEVIL - heard my thoughts!
GOSH! How shy he is! LOL

I continued quilting and another devil made me do this; part of the backing tangled up in the quilting! :(  
I'm quilting this crib quilt yesterday and today... Nothing fancy, just straight stitches.  Almost done! :) It's a UFO from last year.
The binding is thread basted to the NYB quilt! It will be hand stitched one of the first days. For the binding I have used leftovers from the quilt.  
Since I didn't get more than 4.5 hours sleep last night, I think I will do as this one later in the afternoon...
Doesn't it look cosy?! :) 


Oops-Lah said...

Dogs can really be like babies ;). I hope she will let you sleep better tonight. At least you got to quilt while the rest of the world was still sleeping!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hope your dog is better today - what how did she get on the roof? that is a long way to jump from. Sounds like your weather is just as nasty as ours except you have summer

InGa said...

Håper hun ikke har brukket noe, men siden hun stå på foten er det vel ikke så ille.
Väret er ikke så mye å gjöre noe med, og det var et flott bilde du har tatt.
Alltid kjedelig å sy fast det som ikke hörer hjemme...
Ha en fin helg, selv om du ikke får gjort noe i hagen.
Hilsen Ingrid

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Astrid I hope you dog is better...and wow, you did a lot for not having much sleep!

Carrie P. said...

Goodness! that looks like one powerful storm.
So sorry about your dog! I had a dog once that broke her leg and had to have a cast on for a while.
I have done that while quilting too. So frustrating!

Jan Marie said...

My dogs get anxious during storms and don't really like to go out. Looks like you have some fun things on your blog. Karen sent us over to day.

Deb said...

Astrid, I am so sorry about your do, how in heavens name did she get on the roof. Give her a cuddle for me.

Anonymous said...

Poor puppy! Our kitties always hate it when they end up under house arrest, too. But I'm not about to let them out if they are sick or hurt. It looks like you've been keeping really busy. You have some beautiful projects under way.