Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nothing but UFO's in 2013 - February Update

It's that time again; UFO update for February.

At the beginning of February I linked up to A Passion for Applique and here are the three UFO's I wanted to work on.
Well, I think I should start with the one I did not manage to finish. I didn't have matching thread for the backing, which should soon be here from the US - hopefully this week. Even if I get it today, I won't be able to finish it in two days. It will be transferred to next month. What I did manage is to add all the HST (half square triangles) together and sandwich the three layers together. It's ready to be quilted - as soon as I get the thread.

I'm happy to say I have two UFO finishes this month.
The first one I finished is the Colorado Star quilt!
For the binding I used leftover blue fabric from the quilt.
Here's the backing. Isn't it pretty? MIL bought it for me in Port Louis (the capital). It is Indian cotton, meant for bed sheet. Their cotton is thicker compared to the quilting cotton. That doesn't matter to me, since this is a cover for our couch.
All fabrics used are from my stash.  
I finally finished the New York Beauty quilt! That was a lot of work, but I'm so happy I decided to make more blocks and make it into a quilt! Hubby suggested I should have added a border to it, but I'm happy with it as it is.... What do you think?  
One of the center blocks - one of my favorites
Another favorite...
The backing.
All the fabric used in this quilt are from my stash, except 3-4 blue Civil War fabrics I had to buy especially for this quilt. Those fabrics from my stash have been sitting on the shelf for at least 2-3 years and I decided now that I will never use them for any specific project, better to use them as backing! :)  
I have a few other finishes this month too, but they are not UFO's and will be for another post.
If you read my previous post, you already know we have had lots of rain this month. Yesterday and today we have SUN! In my previous post you can also see how down the clouds were at the mountain... this is how it looked yesterday morning.. Corps de Garde in sun and blue sky! :)
Guess what such weather means?! Torture in the garden! LOL 
Update on our dog, see my previous post.
First I thought it was her foot that was hurt, but after having a better check on her, it is the left shoulder. Most probably she landed on the left side/shoulder when she fell down from the roof. She improves slowly; she is able to walk a few steps on the leg this morning. She is still under house arrest, until she is able to walk properly! She makes me laugh too; it's amazing what speed she has jumping on three legs! :) Our other dog is very caring; he lays down facing her, put his leg over hers and lick her hurt shoulder. It's really touching to see how he cares.... Tomorrow is one week since it happened. I've been thinking of taking her to the vet, but since she is improving (slowly) I don't think it is needed. I'll keep an eye on her over the weekend...  


Oops-Lah said...

Wonderful finished! I love your Colorado Star quilt but my favorite is your New Year Beauty! She deserves her name ;)! I like it as it is; I don't think it needs borders. Glad to know that the sun has finally made an appearance and that your dog is on the mend.

Trines hobby said...

Så utrolig flink du har vært!! Din Colorado Star quilt ble kjempelekker, men din New York Beaty tar kaka, den er bare helt fantastisk!!! Dette er tepper du kan være veldig stolt av:) Ser også at værgudene har bestemt seg for at du ikke skal drukne, nyt det fine været og kos deg med hagearbeid!
klem fra Trine

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

beautiful quilts! love the NYB as is. Have fun in the garden :)

rutigt said...

I think both your finished quilts are beautiful!!! Be proud! You´ve done a great job.
Gun, Sweden

Carrie P. said...

I am jumping up and down cheering for you! I just love both those quilts. No border on the NYB. It is perfect. Well done!

Is that mountain a dormant volcano?

Glad to hear you dog is improving.

Quiltefia said...

Hei!! Flotte quilter alle tre, men NY beauty tar kaka!! Wow! Jeg vet ikke hvor bred den er, men den hadde tålt en ramme!? Du spurte:-) men den er fantastisk uansett! Bra du r litt bedre vær!! Her i Oslo smelter snøen, heldigvis! Annek:-)

Karen said...

It is so lovely to see ypur finished quilts. They are both stunning. And even though the other one is not done, at least you have it all prepared and ready to go. Good luck!

Dar said...

Your two finished UFOs are wonderful. I especially love the NYB. I would go with no border if it fits in your plans of how it will be used. Glad your dog is improving too. How sweet that there are 2 care givers for the injured puppy.

Doniene said...

Congrats on some awesome finishes!! I really, really love the NYB!! It is stunning!!


LynCC said...

Wow - Wow! Your finishes are incredible. Love your Colorado Star (and not just because we live in Colorado!), and your New York Beauty blows me away. It's perfect without borders.

MamaT said...

Your finishes are wonderful! I love blue and yellow together and the backing is beautiful. Congratulations on finishing two and I'm sure you'll get the other one done soon.