Friday, March 11, 2016

Postage Stamp Quilt (PSQ) ready to quilt

In my previous post, I said there will be another post for the PSQ I'm working on and here it is

... it is ready to be quilted.
I took this photo before it was pinned properly and thread basted

I don't think it had happened if not 'Dear Nina' had decided 'it is no fun to sew'! 

Not sure what the problem is. Had the same problem back in December and the tech guy didn't find anything wrong after running test programs etc. I took her home and it has worked perfectly since then, for now to act up again! It could be dust on a sensor and I also believe the high humidity here has an impact.... cotton dust + high humidity = cotton 'glue'? 
Well, here she is in her 'sulking' (carrying) bag ready for the tech guy on Tuesday. 

An empty sewing table! It's scary empty!!!
This had NOT happened if 'Dear Nina' had behaved! 

What else to do when you can't sew? Quilt top, batting and backing ready! 

It is made of 2.5 inch squares and all the squares are from swaps
I counted the squares some time ago but have forgotten how many there are... 

I did this post as a draft some days ago and here's an update on 'Dear Nina'.
The tech guy had to connect with Switzerland for support on 'Dear Nina's illness'. He called back yesterday and could tell it is the power supply and that the L-board (power supply) has to be changed. Fortunate he has one in stock, he said, and hopefully 'Dear Nina' will be home today or tomorrow! :)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

glad your machine can be fixed and hope it is back home - the postage stamp is lovely

Unknown said...

Astrid this looks fantastic.
Can't wait to see it quilted.

Janie Kemp said...

The quilt is beautiful, Astrid!
Poor Dear Nina; hoping she gets all her strength back soon. :0)

Karen S said...

I am pleased it looks like the problem can be solved. Happy sewing when your machine comes home.

Elzaan said...

Dear Nina just wanted to have a holiday. She has been working very hard on all your projects! Hope she is home soon and happily sewing (singing) again.
Ah, nothing like basting to kill time...and crush your soul due to boredom LOL

Chantal said...

So happy to hear "Dear Nina" is on the mend and will soon be home. An empty sewing table is a VERY scary sight. Hope I don't have nightmares tonight (lol). Your quilt is beautiful. If I have to make another postage stamp quilt I think I will use that setting too. Just beautiful. ;^)

Kjersti said...

Hei Astrid. Så koselig teppe du har laget, maange små kadrater her ja, og fine farger :-)
Fin dag til deg..

Marit Johanne said...

Så vakre farger i quilten din! Håper du snart kan sy igjen :)