Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wonderful gifts from wonderful friends

As you dear followers and readers might have noticed, I have been quiet for a very long time. Due to some health issues (nothing serious) and other issues I have had a terrible "dry spell" with my crafting, especially quilting. It's not that I have done nothing - actually I have cross-stitched two pincushions - but have yet to complete them. I need lace, which I haven't bought yet. I will post a photo of the pincushion when it is done. I have quite some problems with blogger today; it doesn't do spell checking, preview nor auto save. I hope it behaves properly so I'm able to publish this post!
In this post I want to share with you some gifts I have received recently.
Here is a gift from Margaret (NNC). We were talking about needles for cross-stitching and she offered to send me a few John James needles to try out. That Margaret!!! :)) She didn't only send me the needles! Have a look what she sent me; a piece of 28ct natural raw linen, a piece of 16ct mottled linen, a piece of beautiful fabric and 3 skeins of variegated red DMC floss! I didn't believe my eyes when I opened the parcel! Dear Margaret - once again - thank you so very much! I do appreciate your kindness!

At the same day I received another surprise gift from my Australian penfriend Tracy. It's a belated birthday gift; two pieces of Australian fabric and a wonderful card. (I guess you all have noticed I love cats!) Once again - thank you so very, very much Tracy!

These days my dear German penfriend for the last 4 years - Grit - is visiting. She is not into any crafting at all, but look what she gifted me! The crocheted doily is made by her 89-years old grandmother - isn't it lovely?!

Then there's a book; "Creative Quilts" by Sandra Meech. She is an award winning quilt artist, originally from Canada, who works with quilting, embroidery and textile groups in the UK and around the world. I do wonder when I will be that creative?! :)

The other book she gifted me is "Cross stitch Antique Style Samplers" by Jane Greenoff. The book has over 30 cross stitch designs inspired by traditional samplers. Wonderful!

Thank you so very, very much Grit! I love the gifts you gave me!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you have some wonderful presents. Glad to see you blogging again, I had wondered if you were ok.

Margaret wong said...

I wanted to add a bit to your stash, Astrid.Am happy you love have lovely gifts from your dear friends too....the doily is amazing!!