Monday, September 13, 2010

Potholders and FMQ Weekend

Do you have as many excuses for not doing what you are supposed to do, as I had this weekend?
I started quilting the Split Hourglass quilt in the middle of last week - I think it was - but after quilting more than half, I got tired of it and decided to make some potholders. No, it's not right to say I got tired of it - I didn't - I needed to break to rest my shoulders and arms. I worked quite a lot on it one day, and my arms don't like the pulling of the heavy quilt through the harp (?) on my dear (Ber)Nina.
I know! I know! I was not supposed to start ANY new project before I had finished some of the quilt tops!!!! To my defense I have to say I did finish the potholders!!! :))

I made three pairs. I struggled a bit with the hanging loop, but in the end - after reading some tutorials on the net - I think they turned out OK.

Here I have used leftover fabrics from the "Mystery Quilt". Colorful - aren't they?

As you may have noticed already; these are FMQ (free motion quilted).

I don't get good close-ups with my digital camera, but if you click on the photo (I think it is possible) you'll have a better look on all my mistakes - lol! I thought something small - like potholders - is a good way to practise FMQ. Well, it didn't turn out that bad for a newbie - did it - but I'll have to practise much more before I dare jump onto a huge quilt. As you can see, there are some sharp turns etc.

I bought this wonder a while ago. It's a teflon sheet for FMQ. It grips to the bed of the machine and lets your project slide when FMQ.
I tried it for the first time yesterday when FMQ the potholders, and I'm really impressed! It does work on small projects, but I can't say anything about bigger projects, because I haven't tried. The reviews are positive (do a google).

I believe it is possible to easily get hooked on FMQ. I woke up in the middle of the night and was thinking / figuring out how to quilt the TG (Tina Givens) quilt - lol!


Enough cutting for today!!! :)) I'm quite sure that is what he's trying to say! :))


Yummy flourless chocolate cake.

I couldn't resist making Mexican Flourless Chocolate cake. No flour, but a little bit cayenne pepper... I love the little taste of cayenne together with chocolate/cocoa.
Want the recipe? Click here.
It's not me - DH dived into it before it was cold - that's why a small piece is missing - lol! :))


ria vogelzang said...

You did a great job on the FMQ! It looks perfectly allright to me! :)
You have a great quilting-cat!
And the lovely chocolate-cake..... yummie!!

Huisvlyt said...

You just gave me a brilliant idea! I also want to play a bit with FMQ, and potholders should be just the thing!!!
Sometimes a distraction is the best brake a quilter can have...

Joanne said...

The potholders are great, especially like the green and orange ones. The FMQ looks great too! Every time I see your FMQ it inspires me to try it. I haven't yet but did discover it is a function on my sewing machine. Thanks so much for sharing.

Michelle said...

The pot holders came out so good! I so need to make some, but that won't happen until after the move....

As you know I was dabbling in FMQ, and although I don't have time to do it now, I was enjoying it. Enjoying machine quilting is a new experience for me. Can relate to the sore shoulders and arms.

Thanks for the tip about the teflon. Please let us know how you like it with a full-sized quilt.

Elisabeth said...

What a fun post you have made. I enjoy it so much, quilting, tools, cat and what we all love - chocolate cake :-)
For practise fmq it is easyer to do that with a fabric that is a good size, ex. 50 x50 cm. Then you have some frabic to hold on to. Astrid, please don´t say - here is some mistake and here..- be proud of what you have done!! Because your worth it :-)


Lappedamen said...

The potholder looks great. Beautiful FMQ. The chocolate cake looks good, thanks for the recipe.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Wow I'm very impressed with your FMQ on your (Ber) Nina...I haven't tried mine out with that yet!!! Did you use the BSR on it? Very cute pot holders and I reckon it's okay to take a break and do something else!!! Good chocolate cake with no flour...perfect for gluten free...Dzintra♥x

Kjerstis løse tråder said...

Så mye deilig på én gang: Herlige lappeting, nydelig katt og deilig sjokoladekake!
So much good stuff: quilts, beautiful cat and delicious chocolate cake!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hello Astrid...thank you for calling in and seeing my latest cook up...even with the blurry pics LOL!!! Enjoy your weekend...and Happy Stitching...Dzintra♥x

Fleurette said...

I love your pot holders and you've done an amazing job FMQ!