Monday, August 8, 2011

Bag, pillows and Granny Squares

How fit are you craft wise when having the flu? I caught that darn bug 1,5 weeks ago and still I'm not feeling well. Of course I'm up and kicking, but still on slow motion. I don't really feel for doing anything, but I can't just sit there doing nothing - that's not me! It's better to do something for so to take a long rest afterwards. Got a bottle of coughing mixture from the pharmacy, which really knocks me out... But I'm not going to blog about that flu bug...

We went to Port Louis (the capital) last Friday and I bought bag feet for the market bag I was working on. I struggled with the bag bottom, because I wanted it a bit stiff. The combination of 'bag-newbie' and 'not-getting-what-you-need' require your brain to work on high speed; how to solve the problem?!
The pattern required a piece of template plastic for the bottom, but still I thought that was not good enough... I set my brain into top gear and came up with the idea to glue Peltex/Pellon 71F to the template plastic. The pattern says 'glue template plastic to bag bottom using a glue gun'.... So I thought I was clever when I glued the F71 to each side of the template plastic - using the glue gun!

WRONG! Even if I put heavy things on it; mortar (made of stone!), heavy pans and pots etc the night over, no way it glued the layers together!!!
So I thought; next solution is shoe glue! Same procedure - same result! :(((( Do you believe I was happy?!

Then I decided to put it on hold, wait until the trip to Port Louis,  buy bag legs - as the last solution! In the meantime - while waiting for the bag legs - I came up with another solution; sew the 3 layers - peltex, template plastic and peltex - together, using the sewing machine - it did work! No idea why I didn't think of that before I tried all that darn glueing?!
It worked! Here's the market bag.

The closure on each side. I had wanted some more fancy, decorative buttons, but you know... I should not say it again.... :)

... and finally; the bottom and the legs! :)

I had to use black, plastic rectangular rings for the handles - only rings of that size available here...
The bag is quite big; 14,5 x 26,5 x 53 cm / 5,5 x 10,5 x 20 inch.
The pattern is from Australian Homespun, and I LOL  when I read the pattern heading; ''s so oversized that your partner won't be aware of how many purchases you've bought home!' :))
I'm not sure what kind of fabric I've used, it is definitely not 100% cotton. It is quite stiff and thick, and not very easy to sew through thick layers. Even if I used size 14 and 16 sewing machine needles, it kind of slipped on the weaving and made some of the seams uneven... If you take a closer look at the last photo - bottom - you'll see what I mean...  Not very happy about that, but I'm not sure it was possible to do it different... Quite some struggles putting this bag together - PHEW! But,  I've learnt a little bit more on bag-making! :)

Well, that was the bag.... What do you do about all the tiny pieces of scraps after squaring blocks, pieces that are too small to be kept for scrap quilts, thread ends etc? I bet all of you throw it all in the bin, don't you?!
I don't! I have been collecting all this bits over the last four years. No, I'm not insane! I have collected it in mind for pillow filling, to be used for making big pillows for the couch (?) in the dining room.

Over a period of four years I had collected 4-5 big plastic bags - 14 kilos/30 pound! with scraps etc. that took up space on the floor in the studio/ex-sewing room.

I shouldn't write this, but it had collected a lot of dust. My advice is; if you are allergic or asthmatic, don't do this, I believe it will cause some problems to you!

Stuffing the pillow inserts. I had just enough to make four inserts, measuring 60 x 60 x 10cm / approx 21 inch square + 4 inch.

Here they are; the four pillow inserts. I've already bought fabric and zippers for the pillow cases, but don't know when I'll start working on it...

Some of you might recall I have mentioned my crocheted granny squares... I bought 100% wool yarn during my visit to Norway last year. Crocheting has never been 'my thing', I've only done one pair of pot holders... Oh, now I remember; I crocheted a turquoise sweater in my teens...! Loved it to pieces - literally! :) Except from those projects, I can't recall I have done other crocheting projects...

What is better than to snuggle up on the couch, wrapped in a quilt, drinking hot cocoa and crocheting granny squares when not feeling fit for doing anything else?! :)

I didn't know I miss working with wool yarn that much... I did a lot of knitting when I lived in Norway, using wool as well as cotton yarn...  
I have enough yarn - mix of wool and acrylic - I think it is, for a pair of socks. Yes, I'm wearing wool socks these 'winter' months. :) I have a knitting UFO as well; a pair of wrist warmers/fingerless gloves... I'm going to wear them during the 'winter' months too, because I'm always so cold on my wrists. 
Don't know when they will be finished... :)
I've finished an Easter table topper and have left to do a small piece of the binding on the Easter wall hanging UFO, but that will be another post...


zarina said...

I love everything about that bag. It would look beautiful with any clothing. I too love working with yarn unfortunately my hands can't take much of holding the needles - either crochet, knitting, or tatting.

Trines hobby said...

Hei leser at du har litt problemer med å lage stiv veskebunn. Har du prøvd "Habalon vatt"? den har lim på og strykes fast, gir et fast, fint resultat. Til "bein" under veska kan du bruke jeansknapper det fungerer fint :)

Michelle said...

You are making some very fabulous bags! The latest is just gorgeous.

Lovely, lovely granny squares too.

Feel better soon!

Dirt Lover said...

Love your bag! I made a granny square afghan when I was in high school and loved it! It was blue and yellow.
Your bags of scraps are an awesome way to stuff pillows! Good for you.
I really enjoy reading about your quilting/crafty things.

Elzaan said...

Despite your flu-state, you have kept yourself very busy. Relaxing on the couch with some crocheting is a good idea!
Congrats on the bag finish. I am sure you learned a lot, and will appreciate the bag more!
Get well soon!

ria vogelzang said...

Hi Astrid, I sure hope that flue will leave you rather sooner than later......! So get well soon!
I just love your bag! What a beauty.
Enjoy your Granny squares! Really cuties. ;))

QuiltSue said...

Your bag is just great. I love the fabric you used.

Bev C said...

Hello Astrid,

I now know what you mean by the bags legs!!! Great bag and a real adventure in the making. I put all my little scraps into a bag and they get donated to the Good Sammy's who have a machine to make them into rags. Glad you had enough to use for your cushions.
Happy days.

Shanny Khoo said...

the bag looks FANTASTIC! LOL! there are times when the brain goes into knots from our brain gymnastics of trying to figure out how to slove a problem... :) Its like a forehead slapping moments! LOL....

Really lovely grannies there! Its still not my thing, can't even hold the right tension to begain with.

Margaret wong said...

Love your bag, Astrid! And the colours of your granny squares. Great job!

Angie said...

I agree with the comments, Astrid. That bag looks fantastic. Worth all the trouble, right?

Sølvis blog said...

I can see you have struggled a lot with the shopping bag - but it got nice and I guess you have forgotten all about the struggling by now.
Chroche looks good too.

God bedring, og ta godt vare på deg selv.