Friday, February 17, 2012

Working on UFO's

I haven't really been in the 'UFO-mojo' this year, but finally - about one week ago - I decided to start thread basting one of the two 'Colorado Star' quilts. It was already pinned basted, so it was just to get started. I had two excuses for not to work on it earlier; I was busy with a couple of new projects and I wasn't in the mood to clean the table - lol. Last weekend cyclone 'Giovanna' paid us a visit so there was no chance I could do anything in the garden. 'Class 3' warning was issued too, which means 'don't go out if you don't have to'... More about 'Giovanna' here.
Yes, UFO's... CS quilt #1 is thread basted and ready to be quilted. I should get the thread by this or next week. I need backing for the second one and for the matching table topper, but I don't feel for shopping these days; too hot...

Sunday last 'Giovanna' gave us wind from all directions, so this is what I did the entire day; thread basting the 'Postage Stamp' quilt I did last year...  The top and backing were already done, just to sandwich it. Not the best photo, hope to have a better one when its finished. I have used 2.5 inch charms in yellow, green and brown and I really love how it turned out.

After I finished basting the PS quilt, I pulled out the Christmas/Winter UFO's too and thread basted 6 table mats and 5 table toppers/runners. All ready to be quilted! :)  

As you may remember from an earlier post, my childhood friend Johnny turns 50 this October, and I'm working on a sampler quilt as our gift. He knows about it - no secret! :) I haven't done as much as I intended to, because I have in mind the quilt should represent our childhood, which needs some deep thinking at times.... This block has been in the 'thinking-box' for some weeks, because I couldn't figure out how to add all the pieces together. When I started working on it some days ago; no problem at all... :) Not very happy about the two top corners - the 'clouds' is not horizontal - if you have noticed?! I had to do it like that, because that is what I had left of the fabric and it didn't work the other way... I believe it won't be that visible sewn into the quilt. The block is from EQ7 and measures 12 x 12 inch. 

I have a few more blocks for 'Johnny's Quilt' ready to be sewn and hopefully I'll do them over the weekend - if I don't get sidetracked - as usual! :)



Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi! Thank you for your visit and comment! Your quilts looks so wonderful! Especially I love the blue-orange one with stars! And that block with a tree is really special! Great way to use diamonds!
x Teje

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love the blue/yellow quilt and the postage stamp!! will love to see them done.

Dirt Lover said...

Love the postage stamp quilt, and especially how you have put the squares together with additional interest. I think I recognize some of the fabric in your blue and yellow quilt! I made my son a quilt with stars and that's what yours reminds me of. I could use some of your Mojo, it might help me finish some of my stuff here!!

Karen said...

Great to see all the work you have done. It's not good to have a cyclone but look at all the good that came from it - all the basting you have done! Your work is looking great.

Elisabeth said...

Your quilts are so beautiful. Wish I had more time to sew too.


QuiltSue said...

You've done a lot of basting, now for the quilting. The postage stamp quilt looks lovely and I think your tree is wonderful.

Michelle said...

Wow! It looks like "Giovanna" really put you into UFO mojo. All of your projects are so tantalizing. I'll be eager to see them when their finished.

Elzaan said...

Lovely block with the tree!I can see Johnny is going to have a very special quilt indeed!
How does your fingers feel after all that basting?