Sunday, August 3, 2014

Scrappy Christmas Log Cabin Lap Quilt in different patterns

The Log Cabin addiction goes on!
Since my previous post I've been busy sewing in the evenings and now I have 24 blocks, which is enough blocks for a lap quilt. 

There are endless pattern possibilities with log cabin blocks. I have yet to decide on which of these I'm going to choose.

Which one is your favorite? 








I know there are more possibilities, but this is what I came up with right now. Personally my favorite is #2 and #7.  I will have to swap the blocks around before I start sewing it all together.
There will also be a scrappy border around it and I have just ordered flannel for the back.

Happy Sunday / Sew day!


Oops-Lah said...

I really like number 6, but they are all very nice!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I like #2, 5, & 6 - there are so many possibilities! I was just telling someone the other day that it might be time to do another log cabin it has been a long time since I made large one - other than a table topper last year I haven't made one in some years

Quiltgal said...

Your Blocks are lovely and whatever layout you choose will be wonderful. When I saw you had ordered flannel for the back. I was shocked. Excuse my ignorance but don't you live in a very warm part of the world. Wouldn't flannel be too hot. I could help noticing what nice floor tile you have the border is lovely.

Karen said...

The all look great. You have been having fun!

Bjørg said...

Veldig fin, jeg elsker log cabin!

Michelle said...

Wow! What fun! It's very hard to choose, but I think maybe #7 is my favorite by a hair.

Umm-Yara said...

5 och 6 är mina favoriter, men med de fina färgerna spelar det ingen roll vilken du väljer. Det kommer att bli ett härligt jultäcke!
Kram från Kristin i Borås