Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Advent Calendars

Hello everyone!
Not much has happened in the quilter's household lately, except I have been and am working on Advent Calendars. These take time to make, especially when there are +100 pockets and felt bags to be made.  

I have a few finishes

A fun and cheerful calendar to make. It has 24 pockets, some pleated, randomly placed. I have used a green holly with white berries fabric for the binding. 
Available in our shop

It's also available with red/green binding

...and here's one of my favorites

It has 24 red felt bags tied to brass rings and it comes with a drawstring bag to keep the felt bags safe when not in use
I'm sewing almost every day and trying to get a few days off doing something different. 
Last Sunday was such a gorgeous sunny day and I know I had felt bad if I'd stayed at home. 

Tranquility! Away from cars, pollution and people! 

The first cuppa of the day is empty. Time to start my day. The goal today is to finish .............??? Yes, your guessing is right; two advent calendars! :)