About me

Welcome to my quilting blog!

I'm Astrid from Norway, residing in the tropical island Mauritius (Indian Ocean) since 2003. I'm married to a Mauritian, whose ancestors came from India. I'm happily child-free, but 'mum' to one cat and two dogs - all rescue animals.

My late mother taught me the love of crafting. First out was knitting. Living in wintry Norway we wear woolen clothes to keep warm during the winters. I knitted socks, sweaters, mittens, scarves and the list goes on. I also knitted cotton tops and sweaters for the summers. Not to forget; all the clothes I knitted for my 5 Barbie dolls and other dolls! :)
Crafting has always been a passion and I have been into (counted) cross-stitching, needlepoint, sewing my own clothes, hardanger and a little bit crocheting. 

I was hit by the quilting bug after I settled here and made the first attempt 6-7 years ago. At that time I had only a few books about quilting brought from Norway. When we finally got Internet connection, a new world opened up to me; bloggers, tutorials, web shops, online craft/quilting groups etc - you name it! I was in heaven - and I still am! :) I love to create and you will find me playing with my dear 'Nina' (Bernina) almost every day. I also do a little bit hardanger, cross-stitching, stitchery and at the end of 2010 I started crocheting my very first granny squares, which goes veeeery slow! :) 

When I'm not quilting, I love gardening. We both love hiking, explore the island by foot. I also love baking and cooking, reading, interior/architecture, pen palling etc. To know more about my other passions, follow me at http://theloveofphotos.blogspot.com

Please do not copy any photos or words from my blogs without permission.




blg2240 said...

I found you! I love your blog and you are an amazing quilter. I tried to add you as my friend on FB, but couldn't find you. How are listed on FB? I am so happy to have a new friend even though you are so far away. Betty

Freddie Miranda said...

Am glad I found you here Astrid. We are a fan of quilted bed covers. I don't know but we love it so much. We have a couple of those. Very beautiful colours. I am very impressed. Please stay connected.